Powell Riverite Comes Up With Cool ‘Hockey Night In Canada’ Theme

Okay, so it’s the only one I’ve heard. But I like it. And it’s from a former Powell Riverite, Tobin Stokes, now living in Victoria. Don’t forget, we get to decide on the new ‘Hockey Night In Canada’ theme for CBC. The old one went away because business is business, and that’s fine. We’ll just find a nice, happy, new song, like this one.

Just click on the link, enjoy the song, and vote by logging in, then clicking on the fifth circle of five circles. But only if you like it.

Hey, it’s better than any of the others I’ve heard! Hope you like it. I don’t know the guy, but I’m sure he’s a fine fellow.

Oh, and let me know in the comments what you think about it.

And, here’s what Tobin Stokes has to say…

Hey Canada! Here’s my demo – try to imagine it with all real instruments and professionally produced. CBC could keep the soloist at the beginning or surprise us each week with the intro sung (yelled?) by a minor hockey team , a mob of fans, a choir, the Governor General, etc. If you like it, please vote. It just takes a minute to invent your own user name and password if you haven’t already, then click on button number FIVE and then (of course) copy and email the link to everyone you’ve ever met! I’d like to thank Ildiko for singing a great solo and then inviting me to her 10th birthday party! And I’d like to thank my son Vaughn for his great guitar work, as always. Darn fine for 16, sonny boy. OK CBC and fellow hocky fans, here you go – it is catchy, easy to arrange, shorten or lengthen, great for visuals, versatile, fun, and IT ROCKS!

250 598 7664

9 thoughts on “Powell Riverite Comes Up With Cool ‘Hockey Night In Canada’ Theme”

  1. I was prepared not to like Mr. Stokes’ work, but I was surprised, and thought it was o.k. Maybe more listenings will make it grow. The child’s voice at the beginning was a nice touch, and the video enhanced the score. Not bad, not bad.

    The challenge for any musician is coming up with a score that can replace the venerable one we as Canadian’s collectively expect to hear just before the puck drops. I expect if a good one is chosen, it will just take some time.

    Excellent post Mr. Kane!

  2. I’ll never watch a Hab game on CBC ever no more!
    I don;t care for the CBC, CTV, TSN, etc…
    RDS is the station to watch from now on!

  3. I like RDS too. Which reminds me, it’s almost time to re-subscribe for hockey season. Almost.

  4. I’m sorry but it just does’nt pass the mustard,the old tune got you reved up.Why is it in this GREAT nation we have to screw around with tradition.Tear down buildings with great bones & yea maybe leave a small part of the original facade.I see this more in Toronto than anywhere else,whats wrong with saving whats worth saving,glass replacing brilliant stone work,the list just goes on & on !!!
    One day someones going to wake up but the desecration of our history will be lost forever ! It’s sad.
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!!!

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