Powell River Is Where?

It takes about five hours to travel 120 kms from my home in Powell River to Vancouver. Each ferry takes a bit under an hour, add the waiting at the ferry terminals, plus the small curvy road all the way down, and it becomes a major trek.

But lots of folk don’t quite understand where Powell River is. Some think it’s on Vancouver Island but it’s not, and many don’t quite understand why it’s a bit isolated. So I took a coaster to explain.

Please note – I was a little off on my ‘end of road’ marker, so add another half inch or so. This is where the road, highway 101, ends (or begins) on the west coast. You can’t go any further north.

About this road: If you were to hop in your car at the little fishing village of Lund, about 30 minutes north of Powell River, and you kept going south, you’d end up in Chile.

And one last little piece of trivia. I used to work at the ferry at Saltery Bay. If all this isn’t enough, I’ve included a bonus picture of me on one of my better days.

11 thoughts on “Powell River Is Where?”

  1. Dennis, here in Saskatchewan the landscape has changed dramatically in our area near Prince Albert. We use to feel moderately secure with a three foot reserve of water in our 22 foot well. Now I can pail it out from the top while squatted on my knees. I use to crop 114 acres on the home quarter. We’d be lucky to get forty now (it’s used as pasture), and it’s parceled out into three pieces.

  2. I don’t know for sure, Orville, but it seems old-style farming is being phased out, a lot of it because of the value of the land where subdivisions could be built. Maybe I’m wrong about that. Farming can’t be an easy life, but I realize it’s in people’s blood.

  3. Dennis…i moved from Montreal to Vancouver in 1990…lived there for 20 years before moving back East to Ottawa.
    My fondest memories of living in BC was the beauty of it’s
    nature…the mountains..the seas..the magnificent grandeur of the islands…i was fortunate to visit most of the islands off the mainland…nothing like sitting in a hot tub on Gabriola Island…beer in hand witb a view of the water and the frolicking of a pack of sea lions.
    Please keep in touch through your blog…always a delight to read…take care !
    ps great photo!

  4. Ed, I didn’t know you lived out here for so long. Do you miss it? Where would you rather live? Thanks again for liking my blog. It means a lot.

  5. I miss my friends, the mountains ,the sea , riding my bike all year long and being able to watch the Habs play at 4:30 pm..not much else.
    BC is a beautiful province but Vancouver is a city powered by money and real estate.
    My buddy sold his house for 2.1 million dollars…a property that would be worth $300K or less in Ottawa or Montreal.
    It was bulldozed to make room for a pricey condo.
    The apartment that we rented in Vancouver was $1650 a month back in 2010….it now rents for $2350!….crazy!
    Our rent in Ottawa has gone up $100 in 7 years.
    Despite the winters i prefer living here…you get to experience 4 seasons and not too much rain..20 years of constant rain in Vancouver was just a bit too much….although it’s raining here as i write this.
    Thanks to my job i visited most of Canada including Iqaluit and Yellowknife…yet the licence plate where you live says it all…..Beautiful British Columbia.
    I have a good friend who lives in Powell River…so next time i’m in BC…i’ll look you up and we can go to your local pub..watch the game and hoist a glass or two.

  6. I miss the four seasons too, Ed, but the one thing I don’t muss is driving in snowstorms. I’ll take the cold, no problem. But the treacherous driving is something I can do without. I drove semis for 20 years, first in Ottawa and then in Calgary, and it’s probably why I want to avoid snowy and icy roads as much as possible. By all means, make a point of coming here. It would be great to sip cold beer with you.

  7. Pity poor ed, doesn’t like rainy weather yet he’s in Ottawa during a deluge of rain and a 100 year record flood. Mind your sump pump ed!
    My friend Dwayne traveled thru the mountains of B.C.headed for the super cool city of Van. After a while he said that his bones were rusting there from the rain and he went to his true love,the Rockies and they’re environs. I did some camping at long beach and along with some great memories I left with a firm resolve to get the best raincoat I could find.
    Dennis, if you were so scared to drive a semi in snowy weather conditions you should have stuck with the ones with a bunk in the back. Pull off the road, hit the sack,do what you’re were good at, generally f*****g the dog and wait for the weather and road to be cleared up for you and continue when thou wilt with your fears of having sub-par driving skills exposed mitigated.Of course your fragile feelings would have been further soothed by knowing that you have been paid for doing nothing.

  8. Gagguy (Gary), for a guy who only drove from Hull to east Ottawa, you’ve got a lot to say. And while I worked in Calgary, my trucks did have sleepers. Please tell me how to pull off to the side of the road when you can’t see a thing and don’t know if there’s a ditch there or not.

  9. And Gary, I never said I was scared to drive in poor conditions. I said I didn’t like it. Is that okay with you?

  10. Dennis, Powell River tourism should be giving you commission. Having this blog show the coaster promoting PR as the highlight of the “Ale Trail” will undoubtedly double the number of visitors. Townsite Brewing should also be inviting you for a few evenings of tastings.

  11. They should give me a commission Christopher. But I want to be fair about it. I don’t want any money, maybe just a ten year supply of beer.

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