Pouliot Will Now Pull Up His Socks. (We Hope)

Benoit Pouliot has signed a one-year, 1.35 million dollar deal with the Canadiens and this now gives him a chance to redeem himself after a mediocre year. We all want him to do well because we want the team to do well.

This also becomes a small-scale ‘Dewey Defeats Truman’ thing as you can see by my previous post.

7 thoughts on “Pouliot Will Now Pull Up His Socks. (We Hope)”

  1. maybe you can do a shitty uninspired job at bc ferries and be rewarded with 1.35 mil…….. than you could buy the habs and hire me to clean up the garbage like a good upper management guy would.

  2. Dennis,

    I am writing to you from the heart of the old Empire, here in London town.

    First let me say that your excellent site, “Habs Eyes on The Prize” and for the slightly younger view, shall we say, “Four Habs Fans” are all I really needed to get to grips with my first real season following hockey on a daily basis. I won’t bore you with why’s and wherefores, but with the wonders of broadband you can really get to follow it all very closely, provided you can cope with the sleep deprivation.

    My passions have been football, cycling along with a bit of motor bike nonsense thrown in. I’m a Chelsea fan of 37 years standing. We’ve just won the double for the first time. I was trying to deal with the nerve wracking run in to that but then out of nowhere the Habs decided to turn up for post season big style. Lord I nearly passed out with tension from all sides.

    Why throw my lot in with the Canadiens? It wasn’t glory hunting the team with the history, I assure you. If I was going to support someone it was going to be a Canadian team. Maybe because one of my teachers at primary school was from Manitoba and she was nice.

    I was the first generation of an Irish family to grow up in England, I’ve never felt quite fully English. As a child I remember thinking that while everyone thought General Wolfe was a top man, sneaking around in the dark on those bluffs below the Plains of Abraham was a bit underhand and they wouldn’t have liked the French doing that to them. So I was inclined to head for the Francophone end of Canada. The Nordiques have gone elsewhere so it was easy.

    But that isn’t the purpose of my post.

    The son and heir is 6. It’s time to sort out his sporting future.

    At this stage he can ride a bike and play football (soccer) in the way that 6 year olds do.

    Apart from playing for Chelsea the other man target is pro-cycling. I’d settle for a couple of the big one day classics, a Giro, a couple of Vueltas or Le Tour.

    But recently he went to the local ice-rink a couple of times for friend’s birthday parties. Now he has declared an interest in playing hockey.

    Now setting aside the fact that he’s growing up in a virtual hockey wasteland, and the Lea Valley Lions are not a recognised route to NHL stardom, I have feel I have to give him every encouragement. There are a lot of Eastern Europeans round this part of London and they fetch up to play recreational stuff at the local rink so there may be some good influences there.

    But my overwhelming concern is the teeth, Dennis. You’ve been making a lot of references to teeth lately.

    Football could wreck his knees, pro cycling could see him doped to the eyeballs. But at least he’d still have teeth. He’s a good looking lad and I worry if he goes down the hockey route he won’t have any by the time he’s 25.

    What are his chances orthodontically speaking?

    He’s quite slightly built. He’ll make six foot but not likely to be any more than 170 pounds. He’ll be intelligent, quick and a superb skater. But what is all that if you can’t smile?

    Will it affect his being drafted by the Canadiens? If you have all your teeth at 18 is that a good thing ’cause your so slippery you never get nailed? Or is it taken as a sign that you’re not committed.

    I need answers.

    Love the blog and also the insights of your “management team” in waiting.

  3. Hello Blue Bayou. Thanks very much for reading my blog and cheering for the Habs. These are two of the most important things in life and you’re doing both.
    Now, enough about the formalities, let’s get down to the serious business of grooming your son to play for the Habs. First though, I must say your concerns about him losing his teeth are unfounded. There are many good foods now that you don’t need many teeth to eat with, like yogurt and fried worms. And don’t forget, women like athletes with no teeth. They like the bad boy thing, as we all know. Your son can sit in the pub with several gorgeous gals and tell them tales of taking a 100 mph slapshot in the teeth and didn’t even flinch and of course these young women will ooh and aah. And what about the great war stories he’ll be able to tell like when he was in a fight with Billy Bruiser and lost several teeth but you should see what Billy Bruiser looks like now. What about that? Teeth are overrated.
    My main concern is he’s only going to be 170 pounds. He needs 25 more at least so I suggest you start him now on a diet of beer and chocolate. And about being drafted? When I’m owner of the team, I’ll have my people searching far and wide for players with no teeth. I can’t stand the pretty boys who have the whole set. These guys should be playing cricket. Try not to worry about the teeth. I had one of mine knocked out by none other than Ricky Ley in a baseball game and I became so good at moving it around with my tongue that I could entertain beautiful women for hours with my “now you see my tooth, now you don’t.” I can’t begin to tell you how successful this pickup move was.
    I just want you to concentrate on being a good hockey parent and punch out the coach when your son doesn’t get enough ice time, and send him to Canada when he’s 14 to further increase his hockey skills. Don’t worry, when he’s a rich and famous hockey player, he’ll be able to afford all the teeth he wants. And if you need any teeth for yourself, I’m sure he’ll come through for you as payback for all those times you took him to the rink and threw temper tantrums at the coach, referee, and other parents.
    Good luck to you and your son. I’m hoping you update me from time to time on his progress. And thanks again for reading my blog.

  4. Tuned In to the sports lastnight after watching the G6 riot and thinkin Christ THE BOYS went through that on an average day (and we didn’t complain) about the cops hittin us.Anyway back to the sports there was Brent Sople with LORD STANLEYS’ CUP in the Chicago GAY PRIDE PARADE.?????????????

  5. Yeah, Headley. Some day a movie should be made about The Boys. I didn’t see Sopel but the guy just got traded and is celebrating his Cup win. If I was him I’d take it to Atlanta and let his new teammates play with it.

  6. Hi Blue Bayou!

    Glad to see you went for the Canadiens as your team. Good choice.

    Just out of curiosity, do you prefer watching footie or hockey?

    And who are you cheering for in the World Cup? Who do you think will win?

    For your son, it would be wise to make sure you get him a caged helmet and a proper mouthguard to protect his pearly whites.


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