Poll Shows Surprises

The new NHL Players Poll is out, and there are some surprising results.

Hardest shot – Scott Gomez

Toughest player – Scott Gomez

Most difficult to play against – Tomas Kaberle

Hardest to take puck from – Scott Gomez

Most underrated – Scott Gomez

Which current player would you select to start a franchise – Scott Gomez

Toughest defenceman to play against – Tomas Kaberle

Toughest forward to play against – Scott Gomez

Most intelligent and well-spoken – Brad Marchand

The actual poll can be found herePlayers Poll.

One thought on “Poll Shows Surprises”

  1. But Dennis, that’s all true. How dare you ridicule them that link to the so-called “real” poll.

    Go Gomez! Go Kaberle! Get lost Brad!

    Let’s see, Gomez and Kaberle are about 12 million bucks give or take? Can you imagine the player(s) we could sign for that cash? Sigh.

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