Pocket’s Place

At one point in the latter part of the 1970s, my first wife and I, with our friends Mike and Diana Williamson, drove to Montreal from Ottawa and took in a game at the Forum.

Maybe if I had a few more memory cells I could remember the year and the team the Habs played. Maybe even who won. And other things that took place.

After the game, or maybe before, the four of us went to Henri Richard’s Tavern for food and beer. And lo and behold, the Pocket was there with his family. At least I think it was his family. Pretty sure it was. Maybe it wasn’t.

I had the card below signed on the back, and again, if my memory was somewhat normal, maybe I’d remember why it was that Henri happened to have his postcards with him. Did he usually take them with him when he went to dinner with his family? Was there a stack of them sitting on the table between the quarts of beer and the lamb chops? (Just guessing about the lamb chops).

Maybe I’d brought the picture with me.

Really, I can’t tell you a thing about any of this, but hopefully it’s slightly interesting anyway.

And as an extra bonus to this sensational story, I’ve included, at the bottom, an ad I saw on eBay of Henri modeling a cardigan sweater.




6 thoughts on “Pocket’s Place”

  1. Dennis,

    You certainly have a treasure trove of interesting items! In fact, reminiscing about the Canadiens’ Golden Years is a far more enjoyable activity than thinking about their current plight….


  2. Hi Eric. It sure is more fun. But we’re on the right track and hopefully these next few years will be the Golden Tears for young folks. Also, I feel it’s my job in a way to keep the old stuff alive. I love it.

  3. Hey Dennis ,Good read buddy,I enjoy all the trips down memory lane, or in your case unmemory road.I saw the Pocket play in Vancouver a couple of times, once in the Canucks first year and another time after Beliveau retired and Henri was the captain.I remember his hair was snow white and of course there were no helmets then.He was a very fast skater and an excellent puck handler. Do you have any stuff on Rogie Vachon,Peter Mahovolich or Ken Dryden?I would love to see it .

  4. Hi Derry. I’ve talked a lot about Dryden and Peter, and if you type their names in “search” up at the top of my page, a bunch of stuff should come up about them. I haven’t mentioned Vachon much, though. I should do something about that.

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