Plucking a hairball from the Big Bad Bruins

I didn’t see tonight’s Habs 7-4 win over Boston so I’ll just take Ron Maclean’s word for it that Montreal had over 50 shots and 11 different players figured in the scoring for Montreal. There was also quite a few fights which is always a good thing. At least they woke up after their peaceful slumber in Buffalo. But why do they do that? One game they play like Conrad Black on downers, and the next they play like the 1976-77 team. Maybe some rinks like Buffalo pipe poisonous gasses into the visitors dressing room. Maybe it’s just laziness. Maybe they need me to help motivate Carbonneau. But I digress. They won for goodness sakes. This should be enough. More interesting, Toronto beat Ottawa 3-0. Now there’s a team, Toronto, who needs serious psychological help. Harold Ballard, where are you when we need you?

One thought on “Plucking a hairball from the Big Bad Bruins”

  1. You are right about how odd it is that a team can stink one night and be world-beaters the next. Funny.

    Btw: Fighting should be banned from hockey. It’s banned in every major sport (except boxing, and it’s even more uncivilized cousin, ultimate fighting) and it’s against the law in society at large.

    Let hockey stand on it’s own worthy merits!

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