Pleks Scores Big In Habs Win


No, they’re not in a slump. They just ain’t playin’ well.

Apparently they were far from perfect in this Philly game, a night after the ‘Catastrophe in Columbus’.

I don’t know, I didn’t see it.

I feel like I owe you a martini, but there’s gonna be a few times this season when I’ll miss a game.

What, you think I have don’t have a life?

Tonight I’m in Vancouver, doing important family stuff, with a baby in tow, and a hotel room TV showing baby stuff. It’s life getting in the way of Habs life.

But I know they won, beating Philadelphia 5-4, with goals coming from Andrei Markov, Greg Pateryn, Alex Galchenyuk, Phillip Danault, and the winner being a shorthanded (and his first of the year) from Tomas Plekanec.

So no teenage loss slump. The 10-0 slaughter is still in the minds of millions but faded ever-so-slightly. Life is almost worth living.

We”ll know more about the quality of life after the Habs-Bruins tilt on Tuesday.

Sorry. Lyla’s here, bouncing and prancing and running around, the way two years old do.

She has no idea of the importance of Habs wins and losses.

11 thoughts on “Pleks Scores Big In Habs Win”

  1. Well DK you didn’t miss much. If that’s how this team responds after a 10-0 drubbing we’re in trouble! No puck control just dump and chase and hope like hell Carey stops more pucks than their goalie. I for one never liked the choice of MT for coach, I mean we had already tied the can to him. He doesn’t seem to be able to motivate or adapt if the game plan is not working. I feel he needs to go but please no P Roy, he’s a quitter! He quit on us in a hissy fit and did the same to the Avs this year. Not sure what the answer is but we better find soon. As for the 21 points we have 17 of those have been earned because our goalies stood on their heads and carried the team on their backs!

  2. Hi Dennis….as Mike points out the team is really a question mark now. At first ( 5-6 games ) I was hopeful that they had morphed into a real dangerous team but I also figured they would change their style a bit. They are supposed to be fast and new additions were to make them tougher to play against. Shaw is a no show in my eyes. He really doesn’t contribute much. I know he is only a turd disturber but he seems to be not really involved in the play much.
    The main thing I saw last year was a team that didn’t have fight in them when the going got tough. I can easily see ( hindsight ) now that Condon was not the problem at all. He was okay to good but the team had no fight in them. Many posters on HIO like to put all the blame on Condon but he managed well under the circumstances. Price while arguably is the best goalie in the league he showed last night that he can’t do it all. It seems to me a good team with a better than average goalie can easily defeat this team with a great CP. He just can’t be the saviour for the team or they will never go anywhere. period. I have no idea how to change the team but I know if I had the power I’d change that gruff looking man behind the bench with his old system of dump and chase and it isn’t Kirk.
    In summary I am now less than optimistic about our once Glorious Habs being a real contender.

    Watch out for TO…not as a contender for sure…but they play hard and really are quite a good looking young team. They attach the other teams rather then sit back so much as we do. If they get the goal tending they will make the playoffs. What could be worse than TO rising to level that we can’t match.

  3. Dennis, Lyla may have the best approach to this of any of us! Ha!
    I do feel like we’ve seen this movie before, winning but playing awful and then it hits the fan. We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out. Haven’t been back to Orillia since last January. My son is in school now in London but will be back in O next Jan for a placement at the something Memorial Hospital. So I bet kid’s tv is a lot different this time around eh?

  4. If we had a coach, this group of guys with call-ups here and there, to allow for tweaking for home and away games we’d be MUCH better off. Other coaches can mix in youngsters, allow a few errors, they learn with repeat ice time. Thorncrap puts his loafers on, misuses the skaters he has and is to incompetent to let his guys use their creativity and speed, lest his outdated dump and chase system be exposed for what it is.

  5. Not great so far, Mike, but we have all these banked points, which is good. More and more, and it began last year of course, I dislike the coach. Guys like you, Peter, and Cliff, among others, have it right.

  6. Cliff, I’m trying to stay positive and hope they gradually become that lean, mean, fighting machine by the time the playoffs roll around. Way too often these games remind me of last year when they were winning but cracks were showing all over the place. Shaw doesn’t seem to be much of a bonus. I thought we’d see more grit and impact from this guy, but he’s just another in a long line of journeymen. I hope he proves me wrong on that. Now we wait for the Boston game on Tuesday to see what kind of team shows up. It’s amazing that at this early stage of the season, every next game seems so important. But they all are, because we wait and see if they look good or regress.

  7. Peter, Thorncrap needs to go and Muller needs a chance. I’m in full agreement with what you say about this guy.

  8. Well then there should be a plaque right, commemorating the event? I mean Orillia has statues of Champlain and Lightfoot there has to be something for the founder of the best web site on the net! I’ll have to tell him to look for it!

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