Plekanec Remains A Montreal Canadien

We’ve been wondering when the Tomas Plekanec situation would be resolved, and here it is. The Turtleneckian One has signed a six-year, 30 million dollar deal with the Habs.

Now, for 30 million dollars, Plekanec must give us six great seasons like his past season, with the only difference being, he needs to become a big-time playoff performer. We need Tomas to provide playoff magic much the same way Mike Cammalleri did this post-season.

So Pleks’ signature is on a new piece of paper. I feel this is great news.

19 thoughts on “Plekanec Remains A Montreal Canadien”

  1. Woo hoo! Another 6 yrs of Jaromir Pleks? Suits me fine. He’s solid and consistent and reliable. Cammy can’t pot those without a good setup man and Pleks is a strong investment. I don’t think this would be such an issue without Gomez’s salary cap hit. Fact is, if Pleks had gone FA he’d have likely been overpaid to the tune of 6 mil a year, and the Habs can’t compete with that. Who’s a comparable alternative? Marleau? HA HA HA! Can’t afford him either. Other centreman FAs are downgrades IMO. PG and I finally agreed on something, though I’m gagging as I’m forced to admit that.

    Agree with a friend who tweeted PG isn’t done yet. We need a big winger or two. But in all fairness to PG (so hard for me to do you have no idea what my bar tab is like these days) it’s hard to wheel and deal until you get the 2nd line centre issue resolved. He did, so now I expect more moves, though since it’s PG, no chance I agree with all of them.

    Darche? Meh, happy if one of the kids challenges him for 4th line and he gets shipped back to Hamilton. He don’t impress me much.

  2. It is, Moeman. Now Pleks can really start to enjoy the beautiful city of Montreal. But he’d better pick it up in the playoffs and go from decent to magnificent.

  3. Tyg, Darche was sort of like Pouliot. Started out making a solid impact and then not much at all after that. Myabe with a new one-year deal that will pay him 500,000 which isn’t chump change by any stretch, he’ll relax and be an important guy. And I’d love a big forward too and they could possible get one if they move about 4 guys out including the brothers. And speaking of Gauthier, he looks like one of the Kids in the Hall guys.

  4. Pouliot’s young and still has – and I do so hate this word – potential. Darche is not much better than a career AHLer. In fact, that’s pretty much exactly what I think he is, even if he does manage to pull one out of the air every now and again.

    I’m gonna have to take your word for PG. I never watched Kids in the Hall. Is this insulting in some way? If so I approve. Otherwise, you need to work on your snark Dennis. 😉

  5. This is only good news if you’re not a Hab fan. Total waste of 5mil cap space. No trade clause is ridiculous. Bruins and Philly improve and the Habs do what the Habs do, stay the same.

  6. Good signing, a little expensive but he can put the points up. And he can play a strong two way game. Draft day will be interesting. Kinda hope we get rid of Hamrlik and AK47’s contracts. A couple of bigger forwards would help a great deal.

  7. He was one of their best players last year and if he can continue being a best player, I think it’s good news.

  8. Dennis, let’s hope the Turtleneck Man’s job security translates into many scintillating playoff performances — and a long-overdue Stanley Cup.

    Vive le col roullé !!!!

  9. Danno, I wonder why some of these players like to wear turtlenecks. It’s hot out there. Gretzky used to too. Maybe they think a cold front is going to blow in at any time. I think Pleks should take it off in the playoffs and get down to business.

  10. Hey Dennis, Yes a great signing.I think Plekanecs is a hot performer but just cant get it going in the playoffs.Maybe ,just maybe he will shed the turleneck and have a great playoff this year,kinda like Guy Lafleur played when he shed the helmet.Maybe he has weak neck muscles and like Don Cherry ,he has to wear something to support his head.

  11. It’s a pretty good deal. Plekanec’s is one of the top 2-way players and can score. And we need him to improve his face-offs. We won’t need him to play defence so much if we start with the puck more often. On the other hand I think his scoring touch shines when he’s busy shutting down the opposition’s star and not concentrating on scoring.

    This additional $5M cap hit better explains the Halak deal and Darche’s signing. We’re running out of space and still have Price and most of the 3/4 lines to sign. If we can unload Kostitsyn, we’ll have some space to poach from Chicago.

  12. Then, Mayo, it begs the question. Why is his neck getting cold, and if I can’t call him the Turtleneckian One, am I suppose to call him the Mockneckian One?

  13. Chris, I read somewhere that Big Buff might be available for a first-rounder and someone else but I don’t know how true it is. Something to think about, but after what he did in the playoffs, I can’t believe they’d let him go.

  14. $30 million is a big investment of hope that Plekanec will be dominate both regular and playoff season hockey. I suppose he now has 6 years to execute, but in stating the obvious, Stanley Cups are won in the playoffs. Lets hope he will evolve next season and beyond.

  15. Harrow15, we’re on the same page about Plekanec. He was way too quiet in the playoffs and we needed him so much to step it up. I whined about him constantly. I didn’t even care so much about the other non-achievers – I wanted Pleks, because he had such a great year, to show up and rack up some serious points if we were going to keep going on that magical ride. But he became more and more invisible as the playoffs continued, and against the Flyers he did very little. I was disappointed in him. I didn’t even care as much that other non-achievers were doing nothing, like Pouliot and A. Kostitysn. We needed Pleks to help out on the scoresheet and he didn’t.

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