Plekanec Keeps The Lights On

Lost in the shuffle of “the topic that needs no name” is the fact that Tomas Plekanec, by all accounts, is looking spectacular and should be an excellent pick in anybody’s hockey pool.

Plekanec, along with Ben Maxwell, were the goal scorers in the Habs 6-2 loss in Ottawa, and is certainly a bright light lost in a story that’s growing two heads and could become a Stephen King novel. So bright in fact, that I’ve not heard of any mention of him being booed. Imagine.

It’s all still straight ahead and even keel here, although six goals on our goaltender isn’t exactly making any Habs fan do handstands. And apparently he was playing just fine too. That is until Jason Spezza scored a soft one to tie it at two and as the great hockey fan William Shakespeare once noted; “And Bob is thy uncle.”

But again, even keel. It’s still only preseason. I can remember when preseason barely got mentioned on the sports page. Now it’s taken on another life. Montreal’s preseason is a bigger deal and more scrutinized, analysed, and prophesized than some teams’ playoff runs.

I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing.

Random Notes:

Sunday night, Minnesota and Guillaume Latendresse visit the Bell Centre.

11 thoughts on “Plekanec Keeps The Lights On”

  1. Dennis, this is getting serious.

    I have thought long and hard about our situation and I have discovered what we need to do to turn things around.

    Blue Bayou must immediately flush that foul syrup of his down the toilet, or the “loo” as they say across the pond. Look carefully at the container of that nasty venomous stuff. It is adorned symbol of the Toronto Maple Leafs and this is what’s dragging us down to their level.

    When Blue Bayou’s syrup can was opened, some evil hockey spirits were released, and I’m convinced they are the source of all of this trouble.

    Blue Bayou needs to get hold of some much finer Canadien maple syrup, and this will restore confidence to Price, the team, wipe out the evil spirits and remedy our situation so we can get back to planning the parade. I’m talking about this stuff:

    Blue Bayou must buy some Guy Lafleur syrup and pour generous amounts of it on his crumpets, porridge, bangers and mash, everything. It’s the antidote to our preseason malaise.

    He must do the above forthwith, or before the regular season opener against the Leafs in Toronto, Oct. 7th, at the very latest.

  2. Ah Dennis you also noticed that my boy Pleks is starting to look like a thrift store pickup for the Habs. I just made a case for him wearing the A on my own blog. You may commence booing my outlandish suggestion immediately.

    This Stephen King novel would involve swarms of rabid zombies I take it? I like zombie movies, but not during my hockey games. Oh, and Bill Shakespeare, Uncle Bob and most especially Jason Pizzaface can all go to hell.

  3. Dennis and Tyg, what you say about Pleknec is spot on. He appears to be primed to have a banner year. Thank goodness, we are going to need him.

    The Habs played a really fine 30 minutes of hockey last night. They dominated in the shots on goal and Carey Price was playing a solid game up until then. Everything was coming up roses.

    Trouble is, someone forgot to tell them that a hockey game is 60 minutes long.

    During the commercial break after 30 minutes of play, I remember breathing a sigh of relief and thinking “Thank god, Price survived his shift.” It looked like he finally got that monkey off his back and was back in the groove. I was thinking now we can switch goalies and score a dozen goals on those Sens and start laughing at Brian Elliot.

    But someone decided it would be a good idea for Price to stay on for the rest of the game…

    That’s when the creepy organ music started to play in the background. And the hockey game was transformed into a scene from one of those low-budget horror movies…

    Word of advice to Carey and/or Jacques Martin:

    When it seems that you’ve killed the monster, never check to see if it’s really dead.

  4. Hey Dennis,Exactly what Danno says,it’s preseason ,dont go out showing off,let the goalies play half a game as per normal.I didn’t see the game as was in travel to Powell River,but would have enjoyed just the same.The monster is still lurking under the stands at the Bell Centre,let it stay there for the rest of the season.Great talking to you last nite Dennis,heading for Savary on the 1pm barge.I will look again after my return from Savary.

  5. Dennis,

    Here is another (more magnificent) image of that Guy Lafleur Maple syrup in a different style bottle.

    It’s the same stuff I recommended Blue Bayou should pour onto his crumpets and strumpets while chanting “Out demons. Out!”

    It’s the least we can do to help out Carey who seems possessed by a bad case of the heebie jeebies. Or maybe it’s just dipsy-doodle-itis.

  6. Danno you’re killing me. I have no pancake mix and no maple syrup. Hell, I don’t even like them and right now I’d sell Gaston upriver for a tall stack of blueberry pancakes drenched in the Flower’s special blend.

  7. Danno, I had no idea about Guy Lafleur syrup. I need some. Blue Bayou – you need to quickly change your syrup.

  8. Tyg, if this gets back to Gaston you might want to make sure your doors are locked. I don`t trust him. (And I won`t say anything to him about this).

  9. Derry, that was an excellent phone call. It took me a second or two to realize who it was. You`re a pretty darn interesting fellow for sure. And to anybody else, please call me too. Ot I`ll call you.

  10. Dennis, here I thought Gaston LIKED kitties. Didn’t he recently have a thing with a cat? Besides, it’s Guy LaFleur syrup. I’m sure he’d understand. 😉

  11. Tyg, there are three sure things in life – death, taxes, and you can’t trust Gaston. I’m just worried about you.

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