Please, No Repeat Of The Patrick Roy Trade

Off-season Habs news hasn’t been earthshaking so far, but do you get the feeling the juicy stuff is just around the corner?

Since the Canadiens gave it the good old college try but were disposed of at the hands of the Philadelphia Flyers, the news we’ve been given so far has been the firing of six scouts within the organization; Hamilton Bulldogs coach Guy Boucher first having talks with the Columbus Blue Jackets and later signing on as coach in Tampa; the announcement of the Canadiens playing the Calgary Flames at McMahon Stadium in Calgary in the February 20th Heritage Classic; Kyle Klubertanz signing with the club; and the team buying out the remaining year of Georges Laraque’s contract.

Certainly the best is yet to come. Restricted and unrestricted free agents will raise their heads, and as we all know, Pierre Gauthier will soon make the call on the Kostitsyn brothers, Tomas Plekanec, and last but not least, Carey Price and Jaroslav Halak.

We don’t know Gauthier’s intentions, and I think several million words have already been written speculating on who’s going and who’s staying. If Plekanec resigns with the club, which I’m sure he will, he’d better have a much-improved playoff next year. He was way too quiet against the Flyers, we needed him, and he didn’t deliver.

And the goalie thing is a dilemna – keep one, keep both, keep who?

If the team decides to let one of the goalies go elsewhere, could we please have a really good player in return? The suspense is already killing us with this Price/Halak thing, and if one of these go and we get a bum or two in return, we’re gonna be pissed.

Remember when Patrick Roy was sent to Colorado after the “Roygate Affair?” We knew he was gone, heck, he said he was gone, we were expecting a big name, maybe a package that included Adam Foote or Adam Deadmarsh or the likes. Instead, for Patrick Roy and captain Mike Keane, we got Jocelyn Thibault to tend nets for us, along with Martin Rucinsky and Andrei Kovalenko.

Montreal GM Rejean Houle was an extremely generous and giving fellow in his dealings with the Avs. I was very upset with Reggie for not holding out for more. Maybe I still am. 

We lost Patrick Roy and a born leader in Mike Keane for a bunch of hacks. Avalanche management must have thought they won the lottery.

Such a terrible trade. Thibault came to us with a resume of 10 games in Colorado and two partial seasons before that with the Quebec Nordiques. We got a journeyman goaltender to replace future Hall of Famer Roy. Kovalenko lasted just one year in Montreal before he was gone, but Rucinsky salvaged it somewhat, playing seven seasons with the Habs and had several 20-plus goal seasons there.

To make matters worse, Roy and Keane helped lead the Avalanche to a Stanley Cup that first year, and Roy drank from the Cup again in 2001.

But this year, Pierre Gauthier’s gonna put together a winner for us, however he decides to do it. I have faith. THERE WILL BE NO BUMS COMING TO MONTREAL.

Presently, though, it’s the calm before the storm. Quiet times.

8 thoughts on “Please, No Repeat Of The Patrick Roy Trade”

  1. one bum down, a few more to go………. and please, no more bums especially in houle type trades. bums are harder to rid yourself of than they are to aquire.

  2. Hobo, I don’t think Houle was cut out to be a GM for sure. He’s just a real nice guy who was in over his head. And about now, we sure don’t want any more bums. If Gauthier’s gonna deal a goalie we’d better get something substantial in return.

  3. You think Pleks will stay and not test FA? I love your optimism, even if it does cause me to shake my head in disbelief. If PG’s gonna deal a goalie, it had better be to the western conference. The Flyers *spits on floor* had a good run this year that might have gotten them the Cup *crosses self* if they’d had either Price or Halak (how grateful are we that deal didn’t go thru after all) in nets. All I’m saying is I’d rather NOT give the stupid orange bullies the key piece of the puzzle they clearly lack. Personally, I’d rather keep Jaro as the starter with Price as the backup. If they trade Price, they’d better get someone who can do AK46’s job in return, cause he’s not getting it done. I’d rather deal him. Also, I know not what you’re smoking with all this faith in Gautier, but may I have some please? Didn’t your mother teach you to share?

  4. Tyg, you be nice to me. I read The Power of Positive Thinking years ago and I’m trying it out with hockey stuff. Really, the only thing you’re at odds with me is the Pleks thing. So how come all the disbelief and smoking references? And if they resign Pleks, I’ll send you some of my personal stash.
    Mostly, the article was about the Roy debacle. Oh, and you made to “comment of the day” again.

  5. LOL Glad you share with your mother, Dennis. I know all about the Roy debacle, but since I’ve not yet recovered from the pain, I choose to ignore it altogether rather than pour salt into that particular wound. There are some hurts that never go away. PG had better not make the same mistake is all I can manage to say without bursting into tears. Flattered I made the “comment of the day” again. If Pleks does resign with the Habs, you get to do the nyah nyah told ya so thingy.

  6. “Avalanche management must have thought they won the lottery.” That’s a massive understatement. The Avalanche won the biggest lottery. Here I am drooling over Lotto Max’s puny $50 million prize which would only cover a down payment on an NHL team. And that’s only the first step to winning the Cup. Roy won it for the Avs twice.

  7. is this a houleian move? halak to st. louis for lars eller, 1st round 13th overall in 07 and ian shultz 87th over all in 08?????????????

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