Please Give Back The Rocket’s Star

Whoever stole the Rocket’s star from outside the Forum, please give it back. Just leave it somewhere, walk away, and you won’t be de-nutted by Habs fans.

Rocket’s star in the sidewalk was glued and screwed down, so someone had to work hard to get their filthy paws on it. Where were the cops in the area at this time?

This star belongs outside the Forum for all to see. Do the right thing and have it returned.

I just hate this kind of thing. Remember when Pat Burns’ widow had mementoes ripped off from her car on the day of Pat’s funeral?

16 thoughts on “Please Give Back The Rocket’s Star”

  1. Ah, have to really love this modern world of ours where no one seems to have any respect for history or anything anymore. Actually, what is respect? The concept died a long time ago I think. I believe it was something positive.

    People make me sick. It’s either some drunk asshole who took it or some clown who took it and thinks he’ll be able to sell it afterwards. If he does I hope he’s caught. Either way whoever did it is a king-sized asshole.

    Reminds me of those who deface graves and pee or put graffiti on War Memorials. They should all be taken and give a strict “talking to” (think Sopranos) to try and change their ill-advised ways.

  2. These people are pathetic pukes that would steal The Rocket’s

    Star…I am a Leaf fan but The Rocket was a shooting star…

    An icon of the true game as it was played…

  3. leaf fan
    i’m not trying to be patronizing, but a man of your obvious integrity must surely be a habs fan, or at the very least, a closet habs fan. why would you not want to come and sit at the front of the bus.

  4. Hobo, I’ve been saying that for months. He’d have a much more fulfilling life than being a Leafs fan.

  5. It’s pathetic like you say, Leaf fan. Maybe he’ll (And I’m betting it’s a male) be shamed into returning it.

  6. Darth, I also just heard that those couple of dozen charged in the Vancouver riots are going to have televised trials. So we get to see the assholes.

  7. Dennis, I suspect it was Chris Lee, Zdeno Chara and Mike Milbury who stole the Rocket’s star.

    Arrest them immediately.

    Threre’s no need for a trial. Just lock them up and throw away the key.

  8. Hobo…I guess I am a fan of great Canadian players…Dave Keon,Tim Horton,The Rocket,Lafleur,Howe,Bobby Hull,Orr(best ever),Gretzky,Lemieux etc etc….

    But I do love watching Kessel bury a bullet over Price’s shoulder…don’t get me wrong…Go Leafs…

  9. I can’t imagine who would do something so despicable. No Hab fan would ever deface such a treasure. There are many easier ways to steal the $50 it’s worth as scrap. Even if it was done in a stupid drunken haze, the scum has had a few days to sober up and for his conscience to kick in and return the star.

  10. Still no word on what happened to the Rocket’s star.

    Maybe if enough people express outrage the theives can be shamed into doing the honourable thing and return it.

    Otherwise an important piece of hockey history will disappear forever from our view.

    I wouldn’t mind if our old friend Don Cherry would give the crooks a good tongue lashing tonight on Coaches Corner.

    How about it Don?

    Here’s another picture of the Rocket’s star:

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