Please Explain To A Guy Who Grew Up With A Typewriter

I’m very proud. I’ve now deleted 2335 spams from this blog. This stuff, usually sex-related mumbo jumbo, has me scratching my head. Can someone please explain to me how these things get on my site, and why anyone would want to spent their days doing this stuff in the first place. Fill in this oldtimer, please.

5 thoughts on “Please Explain To A Guy Who Grew Up With A Typewriter”

  1. You are using WordPress for your blog. WordPress is a very popular system and spammers are targeting it with “spambots” that will automatically publish crap on any unprotected WordPress site they can find on the net. There are, however, plenty of plug-ins out there that you can use to minimize this. Take a look at HTH.

  2. I do know that there are add-ons that you can get where people have to type in a code before they can post. I think they’re called catchas or something like that. This stops the people who run automatic scripts.

  3. I just don’t understand why people go to the trouble of doing this. Shouldn’t they be doing something else with their lives?

  4. Dennis, they’re computers doing it. They only have to do it once and it will repeat itself on its own. Nobody spams one at a time.

  5. Okay, with explanations from all you guys, I’m beginning to get it. Sort of.

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