Please Don’t Paint Us All With The Same Brush. Those Hooligans Aren’t Habs Fans.

I woke this morning and saw the news. The news out of Montreal that following the beautiful 5-0 game that rid us of the Bruins, Montrealer’s rioted in the streets, looted, burned police cars, and in general, carried on like mindless fools.

So this is an open letter to everyone, from Habs fans everwhere. Those who carried out such boorish behaviour ARE NOT MONTREAL CANADIENS FANS. I repeat, ARE NOT MONTREAL CANADIENS FANS. They’re a bunch of drunken, idiotic, low IQ’d, stupid, low-class, brain dead, low-life hooligans who can’t get a girl or function in society, who pick their noses and eat it, and who still poop their pants from time to time even though they’re twenty five years old. 

These fools, who wouldn’t know Jean Beliveau if he personally delivered their welfare cheques, saw an opportunity to show off their talent for lighting matches and breaking windows. They are, for lack of a better phrase, quite stupid. The only hooking and holding they know is when they spend twenty bucks to buy the girl of their dreams for half an hour.

These greaseballs have been trying all their lives to be in the papers, to break a window and steal an umbrella, to torch a police car and hope for applause. 

I seriously wish there was a shoot-to-kill edict issued. It would be kind of like bringing down the rat population. 

Think about it, Montreal police force, for after the next round.

Montreal fans, real Montreal fans, sat back last night and reflected. Montreal fans felt relief and satisfaction. They celebrated as mature, normal, hockey-loving adults and young adults. They thought about what went wrong during the series, and what went right. They thought about the next round, about the Rangers and the Flyers.

Montreal fans went to bed proud, happy, and unbelievably relieved.


6 thoughts on “Please Don’t Paint Us All With The Same Brush. Those Hooligans Aren’t Habs Fans.”

  1. I agree with you 100% true Habs fans cheered & jumped for joy when the siren signalled the end of game 7 & then we all went to bed with a satisfied smile on our collective faces.Those assholes where looking for a place to create mayham & tarnish what had just transpired!!Like the old saying goes one BAD apple spoils the rest but in this case there were numerious ASSHOLES !!!Throw the book at them & hopefully put an end to that type of BS !!!!!!
    La fierte pour toujours!!!!!!!!!

  2. These young Habs fans are pathetic. Pathetic I tell you. In my day we’d riot for a good reason, like Maurice Richard being tossed out of the entire playoffs, or maybe after a particularly thrilling Stanley Cup championship victory. For chrissakes…ACT LIKE YOU’VE BEEN THERE BEFORE. I’d expect rioting after a 1st round playoff series from the hicks in Columbus or Atlanta.

  3. Stewart,

    Yeah, on the surface of things, the Richard Riot looked like it was about hockey but it was only incidentally so – it was essentially political/social in nature and as such there was a certain degree of substance, of redeeming legitimacy to it. Otherwise, any riot that is sparked by a hockey result is truly `pathetic’ and the morons who participate in it oughtta be lined up against a wall and have hockey pucks drilled at them – yeah, corporal punishment is the only thing that these kind of idiots get.

  4. from what I saw over at Four Habs Fans (from commenters who actually live in Montreal unlike myself), most of the people in the riots were not Habs-attired. Some people were saying that the riot started from a concert of some sort, but like I said, I was not there.

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