Please Carey, No Rodeo

Following some serious hemming and hawing, it’s now been officially confirmed that Carey Price has suffered a mild concussion after a collision with David Desharnais in practice, and that’s all she wrote for our goalie this year.

I just hope he takes the summer off and forgets about his rodeo stuff that he likes to do in Western Canada. All we need is for him to fall off a horse onto his head and turn this mild concussion into a Sidney Crosby-type problem.

Robert Mayer, called up from Hamilton, will back up Peter Budaj from here on in.

One thought on “Please Carey, No Rodeo”

  1. So much for size being an issue. Desharnais is the second smallest on the team, shortest with Gionta, Gionta and Dumont are lighter. Price is the second largest on the team. Blunden taller, Emelin heavier.

    In the collision was Desharnais driving the Zamboni?

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