Please Bear With Me

The Stanley Cup Final begins tonight, between two of 29 teams I don’t really care about. But anyway, it’s exciting, right? Go Kings or Devils!

More importantly, though, is that I stared death in the face today. Yes I did. It was a nice, black bear, and it’s always great to see one. And this one was eating by the side of the road, and I stopped my car and looked at him. Then he looked at me and began eating again. Then I drove away, knowing full well that this bear could sense that I take no shit from anyone.

Damn, I wish my wife could’ve seen me.

Now that I’m back in the friendly confines of my house, and in thinking back on this terrifying encounter of man against beast, I feel it was a sign. A sign that the Habs will win it all next year. I haven’t made an exact connection to a bear and the Habs winning the Cup just yet, but when I do, you’ll be the first to know.

In other news, Bob Hartley isn’t the coach yet.

Go Kings or Devils!


3 thoughts on “Please Bear With Me”

  1. Dennis, I don’t have the full connection to the Cup either, but you staring down the bear is a good sign. A Bruin whimpering away when faced down by a Canadien is part of the natural order as is the Stanley Cup parade in Montreal.

    From what I’ve seen of these Kings, they remind me of the undeserving Bruins. The referees accidentally miss a lot of obvious penalties against them. I also don’t want the Cup back in California. So go Devils with your boring sit back and wait game.

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