Playing The Devils: Turn Left At The Big Field

It’s easy, really. Just head south through Manhattan, turn right, go through the Lincoln Tunnel, drive past the big field where the New Jersey Devils used to play, turn left on the freeway near the big field, and proceed to beautiful, downtown NEWARK. Don’t get lost,  don’t end up in the wrong part of town, and keep your doors locked at traffic lights. Because not only will your life be in peril, but you’ll miss the most exciting team in hockey, the Montreal Canadiens. 

It’s a big game for the Canadiens. New Jersey has 59 points, and the Habs have 58, just coming off the Montrosity in Montreal against the Boston Balloons. The Canadiens need this game, just before All-Star weekend. It would be a nice little touch. I just hope their bus driver knows the quickest and safest route.

It’s deliriously mind-blowing to see Montreal proving all the experts wrong. Is that you? Are you one of the ones who said the Habs were going to be really bad this year? I can recall the TSN panel, Bob McKenzie etc., sitting there at the start of the season telling us in their infinite wisdom just how small, how short of depth, how too young, and simply how too terrible are the Montreal Canadiens to even think about making the playoffs.

Maybe these experts should review chick flicks instead.

2 thoughts on “Playing The Devils: Turn Left At The Big Field”

  1. les canadiens face the best goaltender in the nhl MARTIN BRODEUR,should be a very good game,new jersy were on fire against philly the other nite,so were the canadiens against boston ,we will see who want this game most,my prediction….NJ4 MONT 2

  2. I WAS WRONG les canadiens persevere,and won, i saw the whole game in french i heard cest le but,kiovu,s goal could of went both way i think,montreal definitively show they are contenders

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