PK Carried Off


The plan was to haul my ass to the computer and talk about the blistering hot Alex Galchenyuk, who tallied two more goals (for the third straight game) in the Canadiens’ 3-2 win over the visiting Buffalo Sabres.

But Chucky’s two goals (11 in the last 8 games, 25 on the season) and the Habs’ win quickly took a back seat to seeing PK Subban wrapped up in a stretcher with 2 1/2 minutes remaining, after his head and Alexei Emelin’s legs collided.

Forget the slumps and injuries and not making the playoffs and late-season Galchenyuk heroics. We wait for good news about PK.

5 thoughts on “PK Carried Off”

  1. Scary stuff but it appears the immobilization was mostly precautionary. I’m still very upset and emotional anyway because I’ve yet to master my feelings with mere logic.

  2. Thanks Dennis, that excellent drawing by Darth puts a much nicer, more pleasant image of PK in my head. I don’t need more pictures and video of him with an oddly twisted neck, lying on the ice in pain and being carried off on a stretcher.

  3. To the guy who apparently quit giving us game reports , I agree with Rosalyn , precautionary measures .

    It’s all right
    It’s all right
    He moves in mysterious ways .

    Hope he’s all right
    Hope he’s all right
    So he can save all of our days .

    Get well soon PK , Go Habs Go !

  4. Scary and sad — especially after being reminded that it was 5 years ago that Pacio went down with a little help from Chara. Déjà vu all over again.

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