PK Called Up


PK Subban has been called up to play in Philadephia Friday night. This is terrific news because the young buck is considered a keeper and part of the future of the Habs blueline, but it also reminds us that it’s a little bit like pre-season in Montreal right now, with guys being called up and sent down and others called up etc.

It’s never boring with the Montreal Canadiens.

8 thoughts on “PK Called Up”

  1. Hey Dennis;Let me say I hope P.K. does really well,I hoping that he’s not being broght up to early,a lot of hoping going on eh?P.K. is a fun loving induvidual ,who I think doesn’t need alot of pressure hanging down on top of him.I’m not sure about a second rounder for Dominic Moore.H e was only a third rounder himself,what does our new g.m. know that we dont?

  2. I’m guessing it’s to improve the power-play with Bergeron out. Only 2 for 13 in last 3 games. And with the next 2 games against Philadelphia, we can expect lots of opportunities. We need to make them pay if they try to push us around.

  3. Derry, there’s got to be something we don’t know about this Moore thing. You can see by his career stats he’s a journeyman at best. Why would we give up a 2nd rounder for him?

  4. Finally PK is called up. I’ve always wanted him to play with us. There’s something about him that tells me that he’s an impact player.
    When he played in the juniors tournament he’s was pretty great. So let’s all hope he brings his tenacity into the NHL.

  5. I am also anxious to see PK play and I hope he does well. The Flyers will certainly be a big test. There is a little niggling thought in the back of my mind that I don’t really believe but sometimes players are brought up at this time of year to showcase them to potential trading partners.

  6. John I sure hope they’re not showcasing Subban. I thought he played really well tonight. Such a great skater.

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