Piss On The Marching Band


A buddy of mine was in a marching band, and at one point he and his marching band buddies got to go on a road trip to Montreal to see a game at the Forum. Envy oozed from every pore of my 12 year old body.

So, because of this perk that came out of nowhere, I decided to take horn lessons from the old miserable bastard leader of the marching band, therefore preparing myself for the next time they went to the Montreal Forum.

I stunk on the horn, didn’t make the team, so no marching band trip to the Montreal Forum. I don’t even think they went back for a second time. Piss on the marching band.

A year or so later there was an ad at the arena for a bus charter to a game in Montreal, which I jumped on. I Can’t Remember The Trip Home. The ticket stub below in the middle is from this big trip. The ones at the top and bottom are from later Montreal and Toronto games.

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