Pierre McGuire Is Not Dating Lady Gaga

Pierre McGuire, on TSN’s Off The Record, says if the Canadiens are going to win anything this year, they need to have a power play in the top five of the league. He also says the Habs’ inability to create a bidding war for Jaroslav Halak was their biggest mistake of the off-season. (Although he says Lars Eller is a real player and Ian Schultz could be.)

McGuire also mentioned that he thinks Detroit could win it all this year, Toronto probably won’t make the playoffs, Boston’s Tuukko Rask is the best goalie in the league, and if Bruce Boudreau doesn’t rein in Ovechkin and his ice time and Mike Green doesn’t improve as a playoff defenceman, Boudreau could be fired.

McGuire also said Philadelphia is for real, Chicago has the horses to win it again, Pittsburgh and Vancouver will be strong, and he didn’t go to Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood’s wedding.

And in a surprising development, he also mentioned in the interview that he’s not crazy about Snooki and Lady Gaga.

9 thoughts on “Pierre McGuire Is Not Dating Lady Gaga”

  1. Dennis!!

    Habs hockey!!

    I can hardly contain myself. Even though this game means nothing… the thought of beating the bruins tonight excites me.

    I think I will agree with Pierre about the Power Play… just seems like it’s been a big part of the team the last few years.

    Although, last season saw so many injuries again.

    If the boys are healthy this year, I would think it would be a recipe for better 5 on 5 play.

  2. Hi Yves, hope your summer was filled with merriment! I think you’re exactly right – less injuries changes things. And I’m hoping Ian Schultz leaves no choices for the coaches but to keep him. We need more feistiness. CLOBBER THOSE BRUINS!

  3. Dennis, I feel like a hungry dog who finally has a bone to chew on.

    I too want to see our Schultzy open up a king-size can of whoopass.

    Crush those Bruins. Crush them like little bugs.

  4. When you pull on the reins, it’s “rein in”, not “reign in.”
    To “reign” in Ovechkin would be to set yourself up as the ruler of a kingdom inside Ovy’s body.
    Is that what you meant?

  5. Okay, got me. Thanks Bugs. But I like the part about setting up a ruler of a kingdom inside his body. Anyway, thanks for the spell check.

  6. Danno, I think a lot of hockey fans are pretty happy right now. Hopefully we can make Bruins fans unhappy.

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