Pick A Card, Any Card

I’ve gotten into the habit of going for a beer or two on Friday afternoon at the St. Hubert restaurant in St. Hubert. Some of the staff there have become familiar and friendly faces for me. I need that right now.

Every Friday a magician named Sebastien Talbot comes into the restaurant and walks around doing card tricks for people at their tables. No one is expected to give him money. He’s there to make the place fun, and maybe grab a party gig or something from it. He’s been doing the Friday thing at St. Hubert for about four years now.

Sebastien’s a great magician. He automatically comes over and shows me a trick or two, now that I’m a bit of a regular. I’m always blown away, and I told him I love magic and am always amazed by it. He said all it is is a lot of lying, cheating, and manipulating.

I’ve given up on my plan to learn to play guitar and now have my sights set on learning some card tricks. I want to lie, cheat, and manipulate too!


4 thoughts on “Pick A Card, Any Card”

  1. I… don’t… know… if… I… can… make… it… to… October… too… much… football… must… find… Canadiens…

    (I did acquire another dog… named Habs)

  2. Mike, I’m assuming Habs can clobber any other dog in the neighborhood. Habs can take any dog, any which way.

  3. So……Sebastien’s secret for magic, lying, cheating, and manipulating is the same recipe the Boohooins used to acquire their last cup. Also, I so should have named my dog Habs. Ha, just read Tom’s comment too true!

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