Photos From The Fan Club

Yesterday I told about the time I went to a meeting of the St. Petersburg, Russia Montreal Canadiens Fan Club in 1991 A Night at a Fan Club, and today I was asked by Ashok if I had any photos of the evening.

I looked and found three. The president of the fan club, Alexander Varnovsky, is the guy in white. Konstantin Krylov, who translated, was working part-time as a European scout for the San Jose Sharks at that time, and is now a scout for the Anaheim Ducks.

That’s me in the grey sweatshirt, and I’m embarrassed because I look so bad here. I just hope the players’ wives don’t see these.




3 thoughts on “Photos From The Fan Club”

  1. Dennis, the guy who scouts for the Ducls, is he based out of Russia or did this require him to come to N.A.?

  2. Marjo, back then, when he was with the Sharks, he worked mostly from Russia, but I think he’s permanently in North America now. I copied and pasted some of the Ducks personnel, and you can see him, Konstantin Krylov,as part of the scouting staff. The last time I saw him was just before I moved to Powell River, when I was in Calgary around 1994 or 95. We went to the Keg for lunch.
    Director of Player Personnel Rick Paterson
    Director of Amateur Scouting Martin Madden
    Director of Player Development Todd Marchant
    Director of Professional Scouting Dave Baseggio
    Scouting Staff Glen Cochrane, Jeff Crisp, Jan-Åke Danielson
    Casey Hankinson, Mark Holick, Konstantin Krylov, Martin
    Madden, Sr., Kevin Murray, Matt Laatsch, Steve Lyons
    Jim Pappin, Stephane Pilotte, Jim Sandlak

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