Phoenix Strikes First

The second round opener went on Friday night, with Ray Whitney scoring the winning goal in overtime, and the Phoenix Coyotes win game 1 in their series against Nashville.

Andrei Kostitsyn scored one of the Predator goals, assisted by another ex-Hab Francis Bouillon.

And Ray Whitney, overtime hero, is a fine example of what a good stick boy can become, as he once did the job for the Edmonton Oilers.

Next up are the Caps and Rangers, plus L.A. in St. Louis. I don’t know who to cheer for. Maybe a New York – Los Angeles third-round matchup.

Remember when our team played in the second round and beyond. Damn.



6 thoughts on “Phoenix Strikes First”

  1. DK, who that come to this site really give a flying F**k who wins. I guess if I have to cheer for one of the enemies it might as well be the Caps because they got rid of those Booin wankers! Really what Habs fan gives a hoot!!

  2. It’s true, Mike. I don’t. I just hope the final has some sort of pizzazz. Without the Habs in the playoffs, it’s a big black hole.

  3. Well I was a whopping 3 for 8 in my first round cheering and I’m already down in the second round. My general philosophy is no southern teams. So here are my picks:
    St. Louis over LA, the grand-daddy of southern teams
    Nashville over Phoenix, how the hell are they still in the NHL
    New York over Washington, thanks for knocking out Boston, but you’re on the southern border
    New Jersey over Philadelphia, knocking out the goons needs no explanation but I want to be positive once so I hope the Devils win the Stanley Cup in order that Brodeur will finally retire and cease shutting out his favourite team growing up.

  4. Chris, I’m going for LA, (palm trees) Nashville,(my brother lived there) Rangers,(love the city) and NJ, because……hmm. I’ll get back to you on that.

  5. Mike, yes. The Boss and the E-Street Band. That’s as good enough a reason as anything to cheer for NJ.

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