7 thoughts on “Phases Four And Five Need To Come Quickly”

  1. The CH has to come back in the middle. It has been there for 100 years…or so. Dont remember it ever being tinkered with other then this year..,.and look at the bad luck…

  2. EP and Moe- Thanks for agreeing about the CH’s. I’ve been whining about this all season. You can’t mess with the CH’s like that.
    James- I”ll just give one of those brats a video game or a skateboard and they’ll be more than happy to let me take the spot. You should do the same thing.

  3. Dennis- I couldn’t skate to save my life… actually never donned a pair of skates in my entire life. Wouldn’t be pretty at center ice, let me tell you!

  4. DK, If you look closely the CH is incorperated into the 100 year logo on both sides of the centre ice line .
    GO HABS GO !!!!!

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