Pffft. Don’t Do This To Us

I’m warning you right now, don’t do this to us. We’ve already rode the roller-coaster enough this year, so stop it.

It was only nanoseconds ago when we were on a big, beautiful winning streak, moving up in the standings, making serious noises at exactly the right time. Then poof. Lose to Toronto. Lose to the Senators. Now it’s a great team in Buffalo to tackle next. Hell, this could go from great to gross before we can say Jack Todd.

The Canadiens on this night just weren’t converting. The puck bounced and rolled, passes were intercepted, shots blocked or deflected, and rarely was there flow and execution that has been worked on so often in practices. I wouldn’t say they played badly, they’ve certainly performed worse in this 2009-10 season, but things were missing throughout. Ottawa didn’t find themselves in serious trouble often, and they should have.

Ottawa 2, Habs 0.

Don’t do this to us. We don’t need it. You’re killing us with your outrageous hot and cold play. We’re now back in 7th spot, just three ahead of the Bruins. And although this goes against my belief in the power of positive thinking, if they don’t get the power play and scoring in general going in Buffalo and after that against Florida, we’re about to experience a big mother of a nightmare.

Random Notes:

In Buffalo Wednesday, at home Thursday for Florida.

Carey Price should play in Buffalo and there again, we have no idea what to expect.

Looks like Travis Moen’s face got a slice from a skate. It looked bad and hopefully and good old prairie boy will be okay.

19 thoughts on “Pffft. Don’t Do This To Us”

  1. Was that really a game or some weird practice? We skated as if we had 5 kg weights on each ankle. We handled and shot the puck as if we were using lacrosse sticks.

  2. Hey Dennis, I dont think that they put in a really good effort tonite.I listened to the game and it wasnt really exciting like some past games.I hope Carey comes through big tommorow and they can beat the Sabres.

  3. Well my TLS is now just TS. Apparently I missed the fine print where it said the shirt was only good for a 6 game streak. Who knew? And haven’t we seen this picture before? Looking so good only to lose at least 2 games that should have been automatic. At the same time lets remember they are a 5th to 8th place team and those teams don’t go undefeated. Wednesday will be interesting to see which team shows up.

  4. Dennis, JM needs to stop this rollercoaster ride and turn it into a high-speed train. We need Cammy and Bergy back in the lineup ASAP.
    We have nine games left. Ottawa faces Philly tonight so fifth place is still within reach. We play Buffalo on the road on Wednesday. And after the last two lackluster performances not too many people are betting on the Habs to win. That is why we will pull off a miraculous turnaround that will silence all the naysayers. It’s just been that kind of a season.

  5. Well, fellow hockey fans…all I can say is that I, after being a Canucks fan since my childhood,..can feel your pain.

  6. Dennis, first you badly dissed MY Canucks…we all enjoyed “why the leafs suck so bad”, loss to TO and then Ottawa, then this re-todd guy stirs the freakin’ pot(maybe not all in this order, BUT) The Tide ad was also great, btw.
    Sucks to be you right now, doesn’t it. This is the end of March-soon and you really need to update your Karma, rub those bellies, pray to the lovely Godess of hockey and somehow re-align the stars that have been knocked about by the negativity created lately.
    It worked for me…..

  7. Dennis, if I misaligned the planets by rooting for the Habs, let me know. I’ll stop cheering for them so WE can win.

    No hard feelings.

  8. Diane, you’d better not. You’re our new tremendous Habs fan and we’re all proud of you. Now’s the time to dig in and really be a fan. You have to shed those old Bruin fan habits. We’ll get it done on Wednesday in Buffalo.

  9. Jan, I’m shocked. Me dissing the Canucks? That fine, wonderful, terrific, great team? Are you kidding? I can’t believe it. You must have misread me.

  10. Danno. How can a team come out flat when it’s so important not to? They’re driving me to drink.

  11. DJ, it’s not the shirt’s fault. No way. The shirt can only do so much. The team also has to do something. There’s no easy ride in this world. If they would’ve played better in Toronto and against the Sens, even just a little bit better, that, along with the shirt, would have been been enough. I just shudder to think what the result would have been without the shirt at all. No, keep it up. We need it and it’s done a fine job so far. If Montreal had played fantastic in these last two games and still lost, then I would have questioned the shirt. But that’s not the case.

  12. Dennis, I know you will be owner of the team soon. So, may I suggest only milk and cookies after a loss. (Yes, treat them like children. Better yet, bread and water! No alcohol until WE are winning.) That should propel them to new and greater heights. Another date with Lord Stanley.

    What do you think?

  13. Jan, did I read your comment correctly? That that being a Canucks fan since childhood has been painful. If so the best remedy is to become a Canadiens fan. Try it, you’ll like it.

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