Perry Pearn Gets Walking Papers


Perry Pearn Relieved Of His Duties


 MONTREAL – Montreal Canadiens general manager, Pierre Gauthier, announced Wednesday that assistant coach Perry Pearn has been relieved of his duties.

“I want to thank Perry Pearn for his contribution to the Canadiens’ organization over the past three years. He remains a very knowledgeable coach with a strong work ethic and is a true professional. I offered Perry to remain with the organization in a different role,” said Canadiens general manager Pierre Gauthier.

Perry Pearn joined the Canadiens organization as an assistant coach on July 6, 2009. This was his third season with the club. A native of Stettler, Alberta, Pearn made his NHL debut as an assistant coach with the Winnipeg Jets in 1995-96.

8 thoughts on “Perry Pearn Gets Walking Papers”

  1. Isn’t this the strangest thing? Pearn was on the ice for this morning’s practice. Then at 6:00 pm today, just before the game is to begin the announcement to fire him is made. Pierre Gauthier is supposed to hold a press conference in a few minutes so stay tuned…

  2. What was his responsibility … The PK or the PP ? Seems kind of strange way
    to shake things up…

  3. Shitty time to lose your job (but any time is a bad time really). It must have woke them all up considering how the game went. Maybe that first period they were in shock but then after the Weber goal it snapped them back.

    I still don’t have faith in Martin though but he must be breathing one hell of a sigh of relief!

  4. #31, I think we’ve been missing a pulse behind the bench and I hope Randy L, whom I know very little about, can provide that.

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