Pep Rally

Time to dust off the great Annakin Slayd song to get things going. And in my best Wolfman Jack voice, I dedicate this tune to Mike Williamson, who believed a few years ago that this tune should be an annual event as the boys begin their charge, and I agree. 

So start growing your playoff beard (if you’re a guy) and groove to the pep rally song. (If you’re a lady, instead of growing a beard, just be nice to the shy guy with pimples at work or at school. You have the power to give him serious issues for many years and you don’t want to be doing that).

Go Habs! Bust those Bruins.

9 thoughts on “Pep Rally”

  1. I’m so happy that we aren’t starting tonight because being an ex-goalie, I am superstitous and playing on the 13th, well…I’d have to call in sick. Just like Roy, I skipped over the blue line too when I went on the ice. My prediction however for game one involves turning that stupid number around and calling the score as 3 – 1 Habs includiing an empty netter. GO HABS GO!!!!

  2. Holy shit, Chris Higgins scored a goal. Hopefully it will inspire Scott Gomez to do the same.

  3. I think the girl in the video adds something amazing to that already awesome video. Must be the super attractive underbite.

  4. PeP RaLlY ON!!!!!

    We hear you loud and clear, Dennis!!

    Bongos drumming!

    Trumpets blowing!

    Hear us roar!!!

    Me and my boys are READY!!!

    Bring them on!!!

    (Dennis, email me at my address so I can send you a message…)


    Dennis, my daughter loves the video above and listens to it while playing her Warrior Cats game. Since last night she has layed it about 3 dozen times. I think she is officially a HABS fan. She doesn’t like the Canucks. My Habs friend has a daughter the same age (10) but his son and daughter both like the Canucks (because of mother) but my daughter decided to follow me!! Luckily her mom isn’t a big canuck fan. Very good news on our day of victory.

    Good luck tonight, but we won’t need it.

  6. Thanks Dennis for putting up our HABS UNIVERSE ANTHEM!!!!
    GO HABS GO LES CANADIENS sont la!!!!!

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