Penguins’ Coach Bylsma Talks About The Habs

Stolen from the Pens’ website:

12:40 PM:
Sounds heard around the locker room, part II.

Dan Bylsma
On Canadiens:
Their coaching staff this year, there are certain things that pop up in (Jacque Martin’s) teams. We’ll be defensive cognizant, especially in the neutral zone taking, taking away time and space, taking away the walls. They want to be a hard working team and they want that as one of their trademarks. You’ll see that repeatedly in his teams. When it’s not there, you’ll see him react as well. You can expect that from their team. They came back last night in a game where they showed work ethic and determination in that game. That’s something that they want to build on as a part of the way they play. We also want to be a hard working team. It will look differently in that we’re trying to be in your face, trying to force the issue and dictate the pace, getting to the offensive zone and staying there repeatedly. The focus may be a little bit different. Both teams are going to try to establish a mentality that they’ll be the harder working team tonight. That’s the challenge of tonight’s game.

On both teams having injuries:

It’s one of the challenges of the National Hockey League. You’re going to deal with injuries. You’re going to deal with those things and particularly with the schedule that we have this year, it’s a little more prevalent. Hopefully you have an identity and a clear picture of how your team should play. If you do, hopefully you should be able to play that way regardless of an injury here or there. Hopefully you can get guys back in a timely fashion and hone that identity. They’ve been able to do that. We’re fighting to keep that identity and play a certain way. I think the last few games, the last three or four, we’ve been able to say that we’ve gotten to our game, gotten to the offensive zone and dictated the game, especially in third periods. That’s the challenge. We’re trying to live up to it. Hopefully tonight we can continue getting to our game.

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