Pens Pull A Habs

The Pittsburgh Penguins blew a three-goal lead and lost game one to the Philadelphia Flyers. This isn’t good, this lead-blowing, as Habs fans know all about, but I think the Penguins will regroup and eventually eliminate the Flyers. Of course I’ve been wrong before. I remember when I was excited when the Habs got Rene Bourque.

The Canucks bowed 4-2 to the LA Kings in their game one, and as I sit in a hotel room in Anaheim, I can clearly hear Canucks fans far and wide whining about how it’s the same old song and dance. The Canucks, as most of you are aware, have been dismal failures in the playoffs, time and time again. I’m weeping tears of joy at this moment.

And Nashville beat Detroit 3-2 with rookie Gabriel Bourque notching two of the Preds’ three goals. Hey Nashville, wanna trade Bourques? We’ll even throw in Scott Gomez and a Mike Cammalleri jersey to sweeten the pot!

5 thoughts on “Pens Pull A Habs”

  1. The Flyers’ first goal should not have counted. It was offside by about a trillion miles. They let it go. It was a hell of a game though. Some nice dives by Pittsburgh and a great slewfoot on Fleury by the Flyers. This series will get nastier I’m sure.

    Weber also slammed Zetterburg’s head into the glass like Moe from the Three Stooges. I wonder if he’ll actually be suspended or not.

    The Habs are talking to Ron Hextall and Luc Robitaille for the GM job – they’re really looking everywhere now.

  2. Darth, somehow I can’t picture either Hextall or Robitaille doing this. Does Hextall speak French?

  3. Beatnik, you’re going to have to get back home so you can watch the games. See any whales near Tofino?

  4. Just got back from the wild west Coast. Saw no whales unfortunately but lots of big surf. It was great.

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