Pens And Canucks On Brink. And A Nutty Russian Story

Strange but true. The Vancouver Canucks, first overall during the regular season, and the Pittsburgh Penguins, with two of the world’s best players in their lineup, are on the verge of being swept. But I can’t even laugh. My team didn’t even make the playoffs. But still.

It was bad enough when Marc-Andre Fleury and his team allowed eight goals to the Philadelphia Flyers the other night. But to do it again tonight, losing 8-4, is just plain weird. Are the Flyers that good? Is it that easy for them to throttle Sidney Crosby, Evgeny Malkin and the rest? So much for my prediction about Pittsburgh going all the way.

The Canucks fell 1-o in Los Angeles, their third straight defeat, and I recall just before the series began, in a Vancouver paper I think, the question being asked – will the Kings win one game or two? Hah. Los Angeles has smog, but Vancouver has smug. Or had smug. I think that may have evaporated sometime after game one.

Nashville nows leads their series against Detroit two games to one by beating the Wings 3-2, and although Detroit lost, Pavel Datsyuk scored one of his patented brilliant goals, if it’s any consolation. And Florida evened their series at one with the New Jersey Devils with a 4-2 win if you’re interested.

And speaking of Detroit and New Jersey…….We were in a restaurant this morning in Los Angeles and the food was good and there was lots of it, and Denis from Russia mentioned that it’s no wonder that restaurants in the US serve so much food, because American women can’t cook as well as Russian women. I asked where he got that nonsense from, and he explained that he had read it in Viacheslav Fetisov’s book.

Fetisov, who was a great defenceman for Red Army and the Soviet National team, came over to America and played several years for both the Devils and Detroit.

Denis said that in the book, Fetisov wrote that when his NHL teammates would come over to his house, Fetisov’s wife would cook up a big fancy spread, but when he went to his teammates’ homes, the North American wives mostly just served sandwiches because they weren’t great in the kitchen and ate in restaurants instead.

This really upsets me. Fetisov made about $200 a month playing in Russia, and became a millionaire in the NHL. Then he went back to Russia and slammed North American women and our lifestyle. I told Denis that it was all bullshit, that our women can cook every bit as well as Russian women, and I hope he believes me.



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  1. It’s funny how some people will take something that one person said and think of it as being the “truth” about people. I’ve heard things about Russians (they’re all gangsters!), Americans (they’re all war-mongers!), Mexicans (they’re all lazy bums who want American jobs!), etc. It’s all nonsense.

    The only thing that is true is all the bad stuff about Boston of course. 😉

    Did you see that Philly game yesterday? Wow. Like watching a 70s/80s game or the infamous Habs/Nords one from 84.

    Fleury is just awful – Bryz is as well and he’s damn lucky he has that team in front of him. They’re both playing like Red Light. Really awful. The Pens have no game plan, no defence, and they’re giving up a ton of odd-man rushes.

    I wonder how your Canucks loving co-workers are feeling today?

    I wish Denis had been able to visit my two grandmothers. They cooked and cooked a lot (pretty damn good stuff as well).

  2. Culinary skills are not the only attributes Russian men claim their women superior, (wink,wink,nudge,nudge) that is if I believe what I have read, somewhere………………..Fluery has the Luongo flu.

  3. DK, I guess Diana has waisted $ 8,ooo dollars on cook books! Julia Child, Anthony Bordian, Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Jacques Pepin, Gorden Ramsey, The Barefoot Contessa Inna Gardener, The Gourmet guide to cooking, etc. ect. & on & on it goes too many to count! Her spice shelf is always being added to as new delights are discovered. I don’t weigh 240 pounds just because of BEER! Her collection now exceeds 300 culinary books!
    Tell Denis not all Canadian women are as pampered & useless in the art of creating a fine meal for ALL to enjoy!!!! I think all wives of your readers deserve an apoligy along with the Lady’s who also post!!!

  4. Yes Mike, but does she have “Gulag Gastronomy” and Siberian Sauces” by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn” or what about A Day In The Kitchen Of Denis Denisovich?

  5. Well, you gotta think about who these hockey players married. I’d say the typical woman is a bombshell, wants to be or is a model and loves to be pampered.

    In Russia (back in Festisov’s day),most all women learned how to cook as young girls.

    I would side on your son-in-law’s side.

    How many hate comments will I get on this one???

  6. Marjo, for Fetisov to generalize like that about North American women is wrong. He has to be smarter than that. he has to realize that women here can cook with he best of them, and he’s wrong to give the impression they can’t to Russians who read his book. In some ways, the Cold War continues.

  7. Hobo, I make a mean grilled cheese, and sometimes I come through with vancouvers. (white french fries).

  8. Mike, I remember Diana’s cooking from years ago. She was great then and I can only imagine now. Fetisov took his US money and ran, and I don’t respect him.

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