Penguins Waddle In

Saturday, and it’s wet out. There’s a reason why Powell River is so clean. Old Ma Nature likes to wash it.

It’s also game day for the Habs, with the Penguins in town and no Evgeny Malkin to contend with. But of course there’s the kid from Cole Harbour who needs to be corralled.

Sidney Crosby is tied with Steven Stamkos at the head of the class with 31 points, and seeing this, without seeing much of him, I’m assuming he’s at the top of his game. As a comparison, Montreal’s top guy, Max Pacioretty, is 49th in the league with 16 points. Micheal Ryder has 14, but all with Dallas. Tomas Plekanec, third in Habs points, sits in 86th spot with 13.

It’s a chance to widen the gap to five points over a team breathing down our necks, which should happen because I see no reason for it not to. Keep the momentum going and feel good because 24 hours later, it doesn’t get any easier. It’s the Bruins who make me nervous, mostly because they’ve had their best start in 26 years or something like that, and they’re up on Sunday.

The Bruins have also only played 17 games to Montreal’s 20, so it goes without saying that this is a team that needs to be crushed.

But first things first. Take out the Penguins, who are missing Malkin, a guy currently experiencing the same problems as Montreal’s Raphael Diaz and Rene Bourque – the dreaded concussion. I thought things were supposed to get better in this department after all the trouble so many players, including Crosby of course, have had over the last few years with head injuries. Maybe there’s no real answer. Maybe as long as hockey will be played, heads will get knocked and brains scrambled.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the other thing that makes me nervous. Matt Cooke plays for Pittsburgh.

I’ll be back later. Like the Habs, I’ve also got a big task at hand right now.


8 thoughts on “Penguins Waddle In”

  1. Head injuries and the resulting long term damage is something that is an integral part of all contact sports but that doesn’t mean that care and threapy ought not be improved and applied as widely as possible.

    This is something that’s gonna come home to roost in the next few years, particularly in football but hockey’s going to be affected as well.

    Think there are going to be major liability issues and that a lotta lawyers are gonna make a lotta money. Have a sneaky suspicion that a lot of the damage is inflicted in the athlete’s early years and intensifies as the years go by.

    The kids that fight their way to the NHL start exchanging blows to the head well before their brains are fully developed. Same thing for little linemen on the gridiron.

    The more I learn about CTE the less interest I have in seeing folks trade brain cells for money.

    Was never a big boxing fan but have not watched a bout in many years. Don’t feel that hockey is enhanced by fighting or head shots of any kind or that anything other than skulls, shins, and scrotum need to be armour plated.

    Seem to have deviated from your major point, sorry about that.

    Be interesting to see how the fans react to Michael Ryder’s return. Seem to remember him being booed pretty consistantly the last two seasons he played here. Also can’t think of a Habs player other than Oleg Petrovwho was better second time around.

  2. The compressed schedule is hard for all the teams. But it’s harder on some teams than others.

    The Habs have a total of nine back-to-back games in their schedule.

    Compare that to Boston’s schedule which has only five back-to-back games.

    Is this yet another example of the NHL giving an unfair advantage to the Bruins and screwing Montreal?

  3. Please God, don’t let the Bruins win the Cup again. I don’t think I could handle the image of Chara lifting up the Cup again. No, just no.

  4. Mike, boxing is a fine example. Every time I see Ali now I feel so sad. Such a colourful and interesting guy, now in the shape he’s in. I can’t see that there’s any answer as long as the glass and boards stay as hard as they are. In the heat of the action, heads will be hit. if a player backs off, his coach will be upset and fans will think he’s a pussy. I have no idea, except maybe some sort of futuristic helmet. But if that came along, the hits would increase. Maybe they should make the glass out of see-through styrofoam.
    I guess it can only be education, but in hockey, it’s probably impossible. Even the Stop signs on kids jerseys won’t help when they get older and things get rougher. I just hope everyone suffering from head injuries now, like Malkin and our Habs, recover quickly and don’t have long-term problems like Ali. Something has to be done but I’m certainly not the one to come up with any solution. It’s a fine line between a clean check and one which will injure, and these things happen in split seconds.

  5. Danno, the main thing now is to put the hocus pocus on the Bruins games that they play to catch up to the rest. I’m sure we all echo Darth when he says he couldn’t stand to see Chara and the others hoist it again. But before that, we need the Habs to whup them. Beginning Sunday night.

  6. Dennis, I love Ali not only for his athleticism, but for his eloquence, his beautiful rebellious spirit and his courageous pursuit of justice. So sad to see him ravaged by age and so many devastating hits to the head.

  7. It was a wild and wooly one against the flightless birds. But we still got a point in spite of it all.

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