Penguins Time

Game day, with the Canadiens in Pittsburgh to play a team that’s won 12 straight games. Obviously it’s way overdue for the Pens to come crashing back to earth, and the Habs are just the team to spoil what’s been a big party for Pittsburghers. Like every good bash, eventually the sun starts to come up and birds begin to chirp, and it’s time to say goodnight and prepare for the hangover.

I love when the boys are party poopers. Go into the other team’s barn and ruin 18,000 home team fans’ big night out.

We need the guys going, though. Carey Price has to be sharp. Scorers need to score, special teams need to be special, and if guys don’t want to be in Michel Therrien’s doghouse, bad penalties have to be avoided. The Penguins are already gearing up for a long march and it’d be nice to have a cold bucket of water tossed on this premature dream.

I’ve tried to come up with something personal I can relate about the Pittsburgh Penguins and all I can think of is when I was a bartender in Sudbury in 1972-73 and the Pens, in Sudbury for an exhibition game, stayed at the Holiday Inn where I was working. I delivered room service beer to one of their rooms and Ron Schock was the guy who answered and gave me a tip. Looked like an excellent party going on.

I’ve searched the internet trying to find something about the Penguins in Sudbury in the fall of 1972 or ’73, but I’m having no luck whatsoever.


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  1. That last game against Pittsburgh was one of the most exciting I’ve seen in a long time. Except that the wrong team won in overtime.

    Maybe Schock was at a high school buddy’s bachelor’s party? Sudbury is the nearest city to Chapleau where he was born.

  2. Christopher, it was definitely the Penguins in town. I remember that. And they were staying where I was working.

  3. I tried to find something on it Dennis and nothing turned up. Do you remember who the other team was?

  4. It’s hard to take a loss like tonight. When we dominate and lose. I’m getting tired of our recent games of low scores. We were on a high and now we’re dry. Boston next stop. Jesus we gotta win this one.

  5. I’m concerned we may not see Bourque for a long time and I sure wish we had Prust back for tomorrow’s game. Watched some of the Boston-Toronto games recently and you can see the effect Orr, Fraser and the other guy have on how the Boohooins play.

  6. Absolutely, D-John. We really miss those guys. Diaz too. But Prust has been special and he’s needed badly, especially, like you say, against Boston. Maybe he’ll be back by April 6 when the Bruins come to Montreal. I wish we could get precise info on when they might be back. It all seems so vague.

  7. It’s a drag, Marjo. It’s such a beautiful thing to see them scoring lots, and it seems all gone at this time. I think they need a solid stick boy to choose the weapons.

  8. Any schedule for Bourque and Diaz and Bourque who are out with concussions is bound to be wrong. Bourque started practicing and appeared close to returning, but his symptoms recurred last weekend. My pessimism thinks there’s a good possibility that they’re out for the season.

    Prust is about a week past his expected return date. When returns seem close and don’t arrive, I start to worry. Know nothing about shoulder injuries, I just hope his injury just requires a bit more rehab and not season ending surgery.

    Weber is also a week behind his expected return date, but I’m more optimistic about his return to keeping Kaberle company.

    White, no idea.

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