Penguins Rain On Parade As Habs Fall 3-1

It’s weird how a team can sleepwalk through the first part of one game (Columbus) and tonight in Pittsburgh jump out of the gate like everyone’s on crystal meth. Of course this energy didn’t last the complete game, but it is curious.

And two notable things happened in the first. The Habs fell behind 1-0 after Sidney Crosby scored with an assist to Paul Mara’s foot. And Sergei Kostitsyn pulled off one of the reasons he was sent down to the minors in the first place for – screwing around with the puck near the offensive blueline, only to lose it and almost cost a goal.

My wife, who wasn’t saying much up until this point, says Sergei must be brain dead in general.

I don’t know what kind of a student Sergei was back in Belarus but I’m guessing he wasn’t an honour student. Like Yogi Berra said, “Baseball (or in this case, hockey), is 90% mental. The other half is physical.”

And to be fair to Sergei, I was no honour student either. I was so far from being a good student I practically needed a visa to go to class.

The boys fell apart in the second period. So they pretty well did the exact opposite of the Columbus game. Things just weren’t happening after the energetic first. When it was 2-0 I kept thinking, “if they could only get one soon.” And then Pittsburgh scored to make it 3-0 so then I started thinking, “if they could just get two, they could make it a game.”

In the end, the Canadiens fell to the Penguins 3-1, but there’s no way I’m saying anything negative about this group. They’re a batterd bunch with guys in the lineup still learning their craft, and I’m proud of them.

And I’ve said all along, if they can maintain a .500 pace, which they’re doing, until everyone gets back, then they’ll be fine.

But the words of Yogi Berra once again ring in my ear. “The other teams could make trouble for us if they win.”

Random Notes:

While shorthanded in the third, Tommy Plekanec charged up the ice and got it back to Ryan O’Byrne, who blasted away from about ten feet out. Unfortunately, he shot it right into Marc-Andre Fleury’s glove. Many will say it was an outstanding save, but really, he only had to move his glove about an inch to grab it. This would have made it 3-2 and thing’s could have become very interesting.

Max Pacioretty got thumped from behind when he didn’t have the puck and looked to be shaken up. My first thought, and probably yours too was, there goes another one.

Pacioretty also scored the Habs’ lone goal and on a nice setup from Sergei Kostityn. Good for both of them. These are two we need help from.

Carey Price looked slightly off at times.

Washington visits the Bell Centre on Saturday.

8 thoughts on “Penguins Rain On Parade As Habs Fall 3-1”

  1. Hey Dennis;Didnt watch the game but found out the results at the end of it.To bad they couldn’t get it together and get some points in the standings.The Habs gotn outshot again tonite,seems like a regular occurence now.I wonder if there are anymore trades in the making for the Habs.

  2. Hi Derry. At first I was thinking there probably won’t be any trades, but it could happen. I guess it all depends on what other GM’s want from us. But really, I think the plan now must be to get everyone healthy. I was quite proud of them tonight. It’s only a shell of the team.

  3. They looked really tired, starting from the second period it was obvious that they were done.

    As for Sergei Kostitsyn, i’m pretty happy with what he’s done so far, apart from that turnover. Let’s just hope the points keep going up.

    Price played a somewhat good game, he let in a few soft goals, but the team can’t keep relying on him, he’s been playing exceptionally for the past 5 games, it won’t last forever.

    Fleury’s save was nothing. Fleury didn’t even move his glove, O’Byrne shot directly at it, and he just made it dramatic by putting his glove hand over his head as if the puck was going top corner.
    Carey’s made nicer ones than that, he just doesn’t overreact with the movement. He just snatches it quickly.
    It kind of reminds me of Cristobal Huet. whenever he made a glove save, the movement would be pretty big.

  4. Phil, that’s what I thought too about Fleury’s save. Stick side it would’ve been in. He hardly had to move his glove but the crowd and announcers liked it. I hated it.

  5. I understand what Sergei was doing on that blueline debacle. He was just trying to keep it alive, but ended up beind cornered, and realized he just couldn’t get them. After all, he was pretty much playing on one leg. Still, in two games, he’s been his usual productive self. I just love that kid. He looked good with Cammy and Pleks, and of course, he just naturally fits well with Pacioretty. Last year those two with Lapierre were a great line but Carbo split them for some reason.

  6. Hi 31. The idea of Sergei, Pacioretty and Lapierre really makes sense to me when I look at the styles of each. Sergei’s pure skills with Pac’s long legs that can really move the puck with Lapierre’s hard work on the boards. Just seems like a line that fits. I really want Sergei to do well. He’s sure got the tools, but he just needs to become alittle smarter which he will do will age and experience. I hope he wins a job.

  7. My version of paraphrasing Yogi
    Goaltending is 90% about positioning so that the puck will hit you, the other 50% is making it look like you have great reflexes when it does.

  8. Fleury’s save. Those big gloves cover almost the whole side. Good paraphrasing, Chris. You’re definitely front office material when I become owner.

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