Penguins Force Game Seven. How Will Fleury Wear His Hat?

Between periods of game six of the Penguins-Wings game, they showed Pittsburgh goalie Marc-Andre Fleury walking in to the Mellon Arena before the game dressed to the nines in a really nice suit, wearing a stupid baseball hat backwards. Why would that be? Is it just me, or are backward baseball hats a couple of years out of style now? And I’m darn sure they don’t compliment an expensive suit. And for this reason alone, with Fleury’s choice of a fashion statement, I was hoping for Detroit on this night.


However, Fleury and his teammates got the job done, winning 2-1 and forcing a big game seven for all the marbles on Friday. So the question remains, which hat will Fleury wear and how will he wear it?


In other developments, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has announced that if he is tied up in a Phoenix courtroom and is unable to attend game seven, then his best friend, exercise guru Richard Simmons, who also looks quite a bit like Gary, will present Lord Stanley.

As you can see, there is a startling resemblance between Simmons, on the left, and commissioner Bettman, to the right.

 big-simmons1                                                    simmons1

7 thoughts on “Penguins Force Game Seven. How Will Fleury Wear His Hat?”

  1. Fleury’s just a bit confused. It’s summer, he uses a catcher’s mitt and wears a mask.

  2. It might be a playoff ritual, I’ve heard Sid is very superstitious. On a segment during the intermission last night, he was taping his stick on the ice and I’m sure he was wearing a baseball cap backwards too. All Fleury needs to complete the “look” is a scruffy pair of sneakers.

  3. Don Cherry was really weird last night. He couldn’t think about anything better to say other than how Cleary didn’t want to play soccer before the game and how Crosby tapes his stick. Meanwhile, PJ Stock was talking about how he’d love to have eavesdropped on Fleury and his mom’s conversation in their car before the game.

    And Fleury’s backwards cap is okay becasue it’s flat and not curved like some caps. It makes it more gangster. As for Crosby’s, that’s how people where their cap when they don’t want to wear it but they have to carry it around. No one wears it like that for more than a couple of minutes.

  4. Its pretty common for people to wear hats with suits now-a-days. If you were to check out the up coming grad or have been at any of the past ones in the last 4 years there are lots of guys wearing ball caps backwards with there suits/tuxes. I personally agree with you Dennis, it looks pretty dumb. In Fleurys case its even worse because hes a professional and he makes himself look immature and foolish. And for the record Dennis, be careful of Richard Simmons feelings…..hes fragile.

  5. Fleurys hat is sweet. Its a Pittsburgh Pirates hat so hes supporting his town. I like the backwards baseball cap and I think he should wear it before every game. There the Stanley Cup champs…GO pens!

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