Penguins Dominate Game Four

Geez, I start talking about how good Detroit looks, how much depth they have, blah blah blah, and in game four they look as ordinary as Montreal on most nights this season. So now the series is tied, Pittsburgh’s feeling good, and Detroit might not be as solid as I thought. We’ll see. The Wings needs Pavel Datsyuk back.

7 thoughts on “Penguins Dominate Game Four”

  1. Darren “Helm” (born in Winnipeg) is coming right along though. Good on face-offs and has a few goals to boot.

  2. Pittsburgh still has to beat Detroit at the Joe, where the Wings have so far dominated. At home Detroit is 10 & 1, on the road they’re 4 & 5.

  3. Detroit has definitely been the better team at home but theres a little thing called momentum rolling in the pens favor right now and its going to take alot more then the red wings crowd to stop it. Datsyuk back in the line up will be a huge boost for the wings, they missed him desperately on the power play tonight. I say the pens will win game 5 in the joe and the wings will take the 6th and we will be set up for a hell of a game 7 (cross fingers)

  4. Pittsburgh definitely has some momentum and are feeling good. Next game will be interesting.

  5. Now that we know how game 5 turned out how about Mtl picking up Garon as the experienced back up that could help Price. They are similar in size and Garon has been here before.

  6. Martin Biron’s in Philly seems to be available too. He played really well two years ago against the Canadiens. You’re right, we need a goalie with some experience.

  7. There appears to be some thought that Philly will keep him and if not I think Garon would be cheaper. I also think Biron would end up being one of the many french players who play well in Mtl against the Habs but can’t seem to find their game consistently against anyone else.

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