Penguins And Referee Beat Habs In Both Official Languages

Habs dropped a 3-2 game to Pittsburgh tonight. The referee made sure of that.

But first things first.

Because I don’t speak French, I don’t have the luxury of understanding pre-game and post-game Habs shows on RDS and what Pierre Houde and Benoit Brunet and the rest have to say about things. There’s so many little scoops and thoughts and strategies I could glean from all of this if I spoke this flowing and romantic language.

It’s no one’s fault but my own. I know that. And in a couple of paragraphs from now, I start to try and change my sad situation.

But I know what I see, and that was a good, crisp, back-and-forth game, the kind of game people don’t mind spending a hundred bucks a ticket to see. It was a suspenseful, tight, controversial affair, and in the end the boos rained down.

Some nights it’s like the players are skating in mud. Tonight, they had wings – both teams, although Pittsburgh had the edge early on. It’s never unusual to see the Habs take their time to get things moving. Why is that?

And because of my great respect for the French people, the culture and Quebec, I’d like to attempt to say the next few lines in my grade 10 French which was a long time ago. Please don’t laugh. Maybe if I practice more I’ll get better. (And no, this isn’t some kind of Google translation, this is me giving it a shot).

“Les Canadiens et Les Penguins joue un tres rapide premier period c’est soir. Les clubs a partout sur le glace, et apres the premier periode fini, Les Penguins de Pittsburgh fait le but pour un-zero score. Mais c’est une bonne match mais je desire tuer Sergei Gonchar pour fait c’est but a mon club Les Canadiens, le meilleur club du monde.”

The Canadiens tied it in the second when Sault Ste. Marie’s Matt D’Agostini banged one home and things seemed good. The big CH crests have returned to centre ice, the score is tied, and I just slurped some pumpkin soup.

Roman Hamrlik then scored a power-play goal, I scared my cat when I cheered, and if I didn’t have to go to work later on for a graveyard shift, I’d think I was living in a perfect world.

“Roman Hamrlik, avec un but superieure numerique, fait the match a deux et un, et je suis tres heaureux. Mais, les Penguins fait un but et maintenant c’est deux et deux. Tabernac.”

Pittsburgh went ahead 3-2 by an anonymous Penguins player, anonymous because I don’t believe, for the most part, in giving the enemy any kind of mention unless it’s negative stuff, but Montreal tied it later on…….oh wait a minute, the referee said they didn’t tie it. BUT THAT PUCK WAS IN BEFORE THE WHISTLE BLEW. Did they not go upstairs to review it? And why not? The overhead camera and mic clearly showed it was a goal.

“Le referee mange le merde.”

Les Notes du Random”

Les Canadiens allons a Atlanta Samedi soir. Habs in Atlanta Saturday.

Je suis tres fier du Canadiens c’est soir. I’m very proud of the Canadiens this evening.

19 thoughts on “Penguins And Referee Beat Habs In Both Official Languages”

  1. Hey Dennis;Again I missed the game,you say it was a very back and forth game but it looks like to me only one team was shooting.Carey Price played another phenominal game,what a goaltender he is after a really soft start.They said that the ref was in the process of blowing the whistle,well the puck was in the process of going into the back of the net.What a fucked up rule that is(sorry for the bad word there).I knew it was a bad rule when i first heard of it,another made in america rule to entice know nothing fans,sorry I think hockey is a great game but slowly becoming just another show on tv

  2. It’s really too bad about that non-goal, Derry. The referee blew it. And it really was a fast-skating game. Yes, Pittsburgh outshot Montreal but still, for the most part, our team played well and I’m proud of them. It’s very interesting to listen to my wife sometimes. She doesn’t know all the rules, and hasn’t seen a lot of games like us, so she has kind of virgin eyes in a way. And she said it before me – what a fast game it was. I agree with her. Maybe we’re kind of like the old Russian teams – not many shots on most nights. Christopher also mentioned that we need to shoot more and he’s so right. Pucks go in, even if they’re not aimed.

  3. the refe did blow the call and I’ve seen them make those calls in other games. I wish that shoe hit him. Glad to hear fans pissed off. Never heard them that loud in a while. I had the bad luck of listening to the penguin announcers. I thought Harry Neale was bad but these guys were pathetic all night. In their defense, even they said the penguins were fortunate. And they predicted Mtl would have a PP before the end of the game. And they were right, the ref put his arm up in the final .02 seconds. I sure was relieved because this took the pain out of the disallowed goal. I guess they felt they evened things up by attempting to call a penalty with 2 secs on the clock. I woulda been walking home barefoot after this game. A shame refs can spoil a game like this. Disgraceful. Price misjudged the game winner. Other than that he played brilliant. What do you guys think we’ll get for Halak? I’ll predict a bigger 2nd line forward (hopefully a centreman). Will we package up a D-man with Halak? Will be an interesting December.

  4. Dennis, I’m impressed with your French, you’re a lot more fluent than you let on. You must have been a very good student.

    I agree that it’s a merde rule. Play is dead when the ref *thinks* about blowing the whistle. It’s bad enough when they blow the whistle prematurely before the puck goes in the net, but when it’s late and they still don’t take the opportunity to correct the mistake. Stupid

    The good news is that Spacek played a full shift, his injury must have been minor.

  5. Christopher, I’m way too embarrassed to tell just how pathetic I was in school. Some day I’ll talk more about it. But I must have some sort of learning disability. I have no idea how I can write a blog or throw out some French. Some people think I’m smart but actually, all I’ve done is manage to fool everyone for years into thinking it. Often I surprise myself because I don’t know where some of this comes from. It certainly wasn’t from school.

  6. Mayo, I’d sure like a power forward. Someone like Moen only with great hands. Also, I’ve had a big problem for years listening to many of the American announcers. I remember a guy in Chicago on radio who used to do the play by play and call all the Hawks by their first names. Johnny Gottselig.

  7. Someone like Moen with great hands eh……. May I present to you #33 from the Chicago Blackhawks: Dustin Byfuglien! Once a defenseman now a forward, he’s so big it takes 5 men to push him away from the net! He skates, he hits, he shoots, he scores! Oh how I like Dustin Byfuglien….

  8. And what a goal he just scored. You’re absolutely right, 31, Byfuglien is the kind of player I have in mind. Complicated name, though.

  9. Aye aye aye et Tabarnac !

    Chris Lee is a corrupt game-fixer. Part of Bet-man’s gang of Hab-hating refs. There should be a criminal investigation launched to investigate him.

  10. Hey Dennis, your French is decent! I agree with you, why didn’t they review that goal? What a fun game though, such a contrast to that God awful tilt against Philly. We can compete with the Pens, they’re THE measuring stick for the East, we held our own, it’ll just get better when we have everyone back.

  11. Thanks, Moey. I told my friend Lawrence I had added some French to my post and he said, “what, Google translation?” So that’s why I added the part about how it isn’t Google translation. I’d really like to get better in the language so maybe if I practice a bit here and there it’ll help. And about the game, even though Pittsburgh doubled up the Habs in shots on goal, I thought we played well. Really fast game.

  12. Tabarnaqe, que ton francais est merveilleux!

    I didn’t get to watch the game, but did we ever get robbed.
    Chris Lee, va te faire foutre!

    #31, Byfuglien is an amazing player. The Blackhawks are damn lucky to have him. He’s the kind of player that can make a Gordie Howe hat trick, he can fight and he can score. Truely the full package.

  13. I only just realized I should have capitalized the word “French” in my post and so it’s now been changed. I apologize for this blunder.

  14. “Benoit Brunet [has] to say about things. There’s so many little scoops and thoughts and strategies I could glean from all of this”

    Hee, you kill me. Houde is a great announcer. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Brunet needs to shut his whore mouth. If you want an interpretation of what that fat-ass sycophant is saying, I’ll give you a condensed version:
    -Oh, the Habs are just not executing properly.
    -Yes, the Habs score a goal, but only because opposing team did everything wrong.
    -That wasn’t a body check by Plekanec, the opposing player threw himself into the boards.
    -Piss-poor passing by the Habs tonight, it’s a wonder how they are up by 4 goals.

    Need I go on? This from a fourth-line washout who bounced around the league and the minors.

  15. Pierre and benoit pissed me off so much last night when the habs had a 2 on 1 and lapierre put it in sergei’s skates. They started bitching at sergei and saying that lapierre made the perfect pass. Two plays later, andrei missed a one timer on a puck that was bouncing two feet into the air and immediately they said something like, those brothers just can’t finish tonight. Then I turned down the volume for the rest of the game, and I was still able to hear the ref blow the whistle after the goal.

    I mean, theres no harm in letting the play go for a few more seconds if the ref isn’t sure where the puck is. But there certainly is harm in blowing it dead early. Fleury was clearly still looking for the puck, and the players were definitely hacking away at something. And the worse part is that this happens a lot. The league should really change the standard of referee positioning, because the ref that is supposed to blow the play dead, is also positioned behind the net to see if it goes in. But if he’s behind the net, he can’t see the puck if it’s in the crease. The NHL should really fix that, because the guy behind the net should not be blowing the play dead.

  16. Hah, Michel, I figured I might hear something about Brunet because it’s been explained to me in the past that he’s pretty bad. But when I mentioned him and Houde, I was talking about everyone – Joel Bouchard, Michel Bergeron, Jean Perron, Jacques Demers – everyone who follows the Habs and talks about them on TV. I only mentioned Brunet because the two of them are in the booth doing the most talking. Geez, I try some French and I get flack for picking the wrong guy.

  17. Can it be happening in the NHL?

    Corrupt refs exposed in the NBA…

    Tim Donaghy speaks out publicly for the first time, telling 60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon why he bet on NBA games, how he won so often, and how his world collapsed. And what a world it was.

  18. Yeah, terrible call that screwed the Habs… But it made up for that equally awful call against the Pens when Fedotenko got penalized for being thrown into his net.

    Sorry that the ghosts didn’t move into Centre Bell. You’d have gotten both calls at the Forum.

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