Pavol Demitra Wanted To Play For A Contender. And He Chose The Canucks?

Right winger Pavol Demitra said he really wanted to go to the Vancouver Canucks because he wants to play for a team which has a shot at winning the Stanley Cup.

 I thought about what he said, and I thought about the Canucks. Then I thought about Demitra. Funnyman Pavol Demitra. Last Comic Standing. What a wild and crazy guy! What a kidder! 

The Vancouver Canucks may have a shot at winning the Stanley Cup, just not anytime soon. They’re in the midst of rebuilding, the way Montreal was five years ago. They have goalie Roberto Luongo, the Sedin’s, and about fifteen players named Ryan. And the Sedin’s, as I see and hear first-hand, are really starting to piss off Canuck fans.

Even brand new GM Mike Gillis says this is a team that is not good enough. Kevin Lowe, in his recent tirade, said Brian Burke left the Canucks in shambles, which is almost true. And die-hard Powell River Canuck fans don’t want to talk about their team right now. They’re kind of embarrassed.

I suppose Demitra, because the Canucks did end up signing him, was just sucking up to the Canucks, that’s all. Maybe he wants to live close to Powell River? It can’t be that he actually believes the Canucks are contenders. Then I wouldn’t call him a comedian. I’d be worried that maybe he has a substance-abuse problem instead.

 Nah, he’s just a jokester.


He just did a really funny sucking-up job. He tickled our funny bones. The Tonight Show should be calling soon.


And if Toronto had shown interest, would he say he’d like to go there because the Leafs have a good shot at winning? I suppose so. It’s good solid humour.  The guy’s a riot. Robin Williams in shoulder pads.


Ah, Pavol. You funny, funny guy, you.





3 thoughts on “Pavol Demitra Wanted To Play For A Contender. And He Chose The Canucks?”

  1. DK,

    Times have changed. Consider what the ancient Greeks thought of the Olympic Games: .. In this life there are three kinds of men just as there are three sorts of people who come to the Olympic Games. The lowest class is made up of those who come to buy and sell, the next above them are those who compete. BEST of all, however, are those who come simply to look on…’
    (Early Greek Philosophy, pg. 108, Burnet, john.)

    Nowadays we’ve managed to screw things up, to invert this pyramid so that the money-makers (yes, the players are currently fusing with this class and increasingly we are moving towards a two-tier system, fans/them) are at the top and the fans at the bottom which confusion has visible implications for professional sports teams. This development inhibits teams from understanding that a Fan is more than a consumer, somebody to whom something can be sold be it a concrete item such as a sweater or an idea such as, say, elan. For the most part the buyer-seller class is blind to the fact that it is the Fan that defines the team and therefore directly influences how THEIR team will perform. In other words, the composition and nature of the successful team must neccessarily mirror that of their fan base. Okay, this is a difficult thing to achieve. Montreal has been far and away the most successful but the team forgot about this visceral connection for a while and is only now returning to reconnecting with their fans. Some teams, Islanders/Oilers/Wings have shown spasms during which they applied this principle to good effect; the Pens are the exception in the sense that they rely on the Superstar for identity so they rise and fall with his time of ascendancy; no, the only team that has, in the past 40 years, has consistently year after year accomplished this difficult yet essential symbiotic relationship has been (hehe) the Leafs whose record manifestly mirrors their fan base. As for the Canucks, well, they have always been a sorry bunch of misfits who have consistently underachieved simply because they are always trying to build teams that contradict the essential character of their fans. A Canucks team must necessarily be an `alienated’ hodge-podge mix of flakes and airheads, crazed tuff guys, confused euros, moody goalies, a coach who really isn’t there, a GM who’s worried more about what his wife thinks than what the reporter scrum thinks. And, only the 1981-82 team has come close to realizing this ideal. Roger Nielsen, truly a great Canadian zen flake & soul brother to Phil,Jackson, captain `Steamer’ Smyl whom nobody wanted and whose head was harder than his skate blades, Tiger Williams who was more than happy to punch any `long-haired hippie dopster’ into the stands, eight Euros who never really grasped where they were nor understood that hockey was not soccer, & et etc. What a great Vancouver/BC team, a goalie , King Richard, who disdained social equality. Perfect. And they let it all go to waste. Yup, Lowe was right, Burke did continue the self-screwing but it now seems as if things might be starting to turn around: the new GM knows nothing about hockey but crucially understands people escpecially fans which is all that really matters, the coach is a true space cadet, a French Quebecer who has deluded himself into thinking that he speaks the same language as his team and their fans, that people are people, hockey players are hockey players wherever they live; they
    finally are rid of Saint Trevor duh Linden who just didn’t get it – Canuckleheads only SAY they want touchy-feely, only SAY they care about the environment, only SAY they don’t care about winning, oonly SAY they like nice guys, & etc etc; have a growing core of obviously muddled Euros and are wisely looking to enhance this cadre by the addition of Pavel Demitra who will fit right in. Yup, Pavel made the right choice for himself and the club and, I hate to say this, but it looks as if the Canucks club may at long last be returning to its roots, embracing its canuckleheaded fans, forging ahead into a herbal-scented limbo, wonderfully clueless, happily schizy and sufficiently divorced from hockey reality that, who knows?, they may someday trip over a Cup … in their dreams where it has been safely stashed all these years.

    I imagine Lawrence must by beaming with pride, pregant with hopeful expectations, maybe even handing out cigars.

    So there you go, the ancient Greeks said it all, they knew what they were talking about.

  2. Ooops, sorry, correction: `cigars’ above should read `doobies’ … what was I thinking?

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