Paul Mara Would Have Helped In The Playoffs

Things didn’t go all that well for Paul Mara in a Montreal Canadiens uniform. But it’s not his fault that he was hurt for the last half of the season and the jersey never came on again.

Now he’s cut adrift and it’s too bad because Mara, a seasoned pro with perfect size (6’4, 210) would have helped Montreal so much in the playoffs last season. Maybe more than we know. With a big, experienced 13-year veteran throwing the Scott Hartnell’s of the world out of the crease, Montreal may have had less trouble with the Flyers and catapulted themselves into the twilight zone.

Paul Mara might still be a Habs defenceman today if he really had a chance to prove how important he was in the post-season, especially after Andrei Markov was gone, but a shoulder injury and surgery kept him in street clothes, and it’s all a bunch of  “what if’s” now.

Why isn’t this guy still a Habs defenceman? Did he not heal properly? He made $1,675,000. last year with the Canadiens and maybe if he didn’t expect much of a raise, he could have been squeezed in.  A large and experienced defenceman is a good thing, a great thing.

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  1. Dennis I think this has more to do with cap space again than anything really negative about Mara per se. You’ve got Subban sure to make the roster after his playoff performance, and even with Markov likely on the IR for the start of the season, that still leaves the Habs with 6 D-men = Hamr, Spaco, Gorges, Gill, Subban & OB. Then you’ve got some kids trying to get in from training camp – Carle & White I think – and they’re all cheaper and younger than Mara. And cheaper and younger seems to be PG’s big thing this summer.

  2. I guess you’re right, Tyg. It’s just too bad. But what would the Canadiens do with him if he had remained healthy and had a sensational playoff? Would they still cut him adrift?

  3. Subban ordered to go to Development camp in the summer heat

    Since Gainey/Gauthier are such great believers in following Habs longtime traditions “like NEVER re-signing a player of theirs during the season” I firmly understand this is the reason the Habs built up that great tradition of winning Stanley Cups! Jean Beliveau, Rocket Richard, Guy Lafleur, Doug Harvey, etc. all became the player they would become because of the hot June training camp of the team! And we all thought Richard moved furniture in the summer to sharpen his scoring eye.

    Subban started in training camp in September, played the long season OF TODAY in Hamilton, got called up to the Habs and played a couple of games before the Olympic break that he did not get as he was sent back to Hamilton and kept on playing to the end of the long season. At which point he played in the AHL playoffs for a couple of rounds then was called up here almost too late as it was another stupid move of the 2 incompetants to have not called him up for the playoff stretch run, played for Habs until the last game and put in all kinds of ice time – then goes back to Hamilton and plays for them again until eliminated. There is absolutely no reason why he or Eller as well, should be in the same camp as high school and college players in June EXCEPT businessman Boivin made sure the media told all that Subban and Eller would be there for this summer camp which is open to the public and where they can sell those fans all kinds of stuff even when the hockey season has ended.

    Subban said when asked why he was there? “I am here because they told me to come.”

    BTW – Eller was in Denmark taking his time from his long season of last year.

  4. My memory sucks, but his regular season play wasn’t very memorable. Surprisingly with minimal PP time and not playing against the oppositions top players he had the team worst +/- @ -16.

    However we could have used him against Philly to clear them out of the crease.

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