Pat’s Time

I worked in Hull, Quebec at the E.B. Eddy paper mill in the mid to late-1970s when Pat Burns was a local cop there.

I never met him. I just thought it was a good opening paragraph.

I’ll bet as a cop, Burns was a beauty. Tough as nails. No nonsense.  We saw how ferocious he was as a coach. Smart-ass punks would have stood no chance.

The ex-cop has now been chosen as part of the 2014 Hall of Fame gang, along with Dominik Hasek, Mike Modano, Rob Blake, Peter Forsberg, and referee Bill McCreary.

Who knows why Burns wasn’t picked five or ten years ago? Maybe he’d ruffled some feathers before he passed away in 2010 from cancer.

This was a tough hombre who wouldn’t have stood for any guff from legends in their own minds who run various branches of hockey, including members of the HOF selection committee.

The bottom line is, he was a strong and successful coach who deserved to be placed in the Hall. There are plenty in there who are debatable choices, but not Pat Burns.

It was Wayne Gretzky, who owned the Hull Olympiques from 1985 to 1992, who convinced Pat to quit the beat and coach the Quebec Junior team full time. It worked out beautifully.

Of course it did. Because everything Gretzky touched back then seemed to turn to gold.

As a coach, when Pat Burns wasn’t raging, he seemed as likeable as can be in interviews, and by many accounts was popular and personable to everyone he wasn’t collaring or coaching or happened to be near when he was in a foul mood.

He admitted it was tough in Montreal with the pressure from media and fans, he didn’t always handle things in a cool and calm manner, and I’m sure at times, reporters would tread lightly after a tough loss. Would you want a pissed off Pat Burns glaring at you?

He was behind the Habs bench for just four years, his learning years as an NHL coach from 1988 to 1992, and was awarded the Jack Adams Award in 1989 for top coach in the league after taking the boys to the Cup finals before falling to the Terry Crisp-coached Calgary Flames.

(I wrote a letter to my sister in Calgary before that ’89 series had started, giving my prediction along with a little made-up series review which I titled “Pat Burns Terry to a Crisp”)

Next stop was Toronto, where he led the Buds from 1992 to ’96, and where he’d win the Adams in 1993. And from there it was four years with the Bruins (1997 to 2001),  where he’d earn a third Jack Adams Award, this one in 1998.

It sucked to see Pat Burns running the bench in Toronto and Boston. It always sucks to see a beloved Hab in those enemy uniforms.

Following Boston it was the New Jersey Devils in 2002-03 for Burns where he’d win the Stanley Cup, and then one final year after that with the Devils before being diagnosed with colon cancer.

A great career, successful almost everywhere he coached. And on Monday, November 17, 2014, eleven years after his final line change, we’ll see Pat inducted.

Late, but better late than never.


7 thoughts on “Pat’s Time”

  1. Hey Denis, A great accomplishment for a great guy. Pat was most deserving of this tribute a not many coaches get even nomination for the Adam award let alone grabbing hold of it troisieme times.I read is book earlier this year, kinda really made you appreciate what he went through in his life. My hat goes
    off to him.

  2. I couldn’t have written it nearly as well as you did. A fine man & a great coach & mentor. Your right I sure would not have wanted to be standing in front of him after pissing him off!

  3. This is a little off subject but a great concern to me & I’m sure to many of you across Canada who visit DK’s site. I’ve now contacted TSN & Rogers Cable to express my outrage that after many years of paying a premium to be able to watch our beloved bleu blanc et rouge I’m now being informed I can get stuffed that Toronto is the centre of the hockey universe! It’s my hope if enough Hab fans complain just maybe we can alter this misguided decision. Contact TSN, RDS & express your outrage at curbing Canadian content for ALL Canadians no mater where you reside!! Sorry for the rant but I’m PISSED!

  4. Mike, TSN and RDS lost a lot of hockey rights as part of that ridiculously over-priced package Roger’s gave the NHL. Higher Canadian cable and cell phone bills to subsidize southern American teams.

    However TVA picked up the French language rights and at least 22 games should be available on the TVA Sports channel which I think is Roger’s digital channel 656 or 657 for HD.

    Unfortunately that schedule hasn’t been sorted out yet.

  5. Christopher, aren’t those 22 games on Saturday night when we’d probably get the Habs on English anyway? It’s unbelievable that Habs fans east of Ottawa might not see a bunch of games. Something’s gotta be done about that. I heard there’s a petition out.

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