Patrick Noises

Rumblings have begun about Patrick Roy soon becoming the new Habs head coach, and I don’t really want to get into it until it becomes more than just rumblings.

I will say this, though. I wasn’t happy with Patrick when he quit the team in 1995 after being embarrassed by coach Mario Tremblay, and I wasn’t thrilled with the domestic abuse charges, and it wasn’t great hearing about some of his blowouts at the helm of the Quebec Remparts, including the directing of his goalie son to skate the length of the ice and pulvarize the much smaller goalie at the other end.

He has a certain fire, and I suppose that can be good. But I really don’t know how Patrick would do at the helm, and we’re just going to have to wait and see if this rumour actually comes to pass before we blow too many brain cells thinking about it.

Frankly, if we’re going to have a bilingual ex-Hab come aboard the Habs train, I’d prefer Bobby Smith, majority owner and recent coach of the Halifax Mooseheads of the QMJHL.

9 thoughts on “Patrick Noises”

  1. I am with you. No way Roy! I will have a hard time ever forgiving his exit from the Habs as players(employees) should never dictate to owners. I am afraid that he will push us so far in the other direction from where we are personel wise and locker room wise that we could be in worse shape 2 or three years from now. It will take a powerful GM to hold him in place and if he is hand picked by the owner and not the GM then he will never listen to that person. It will handicap our new GM like he did as a player when he left and we will be all the worse for it. Do not worry about Quebec City getting a team and hiring Roy as the coach because those are only headlines and the best way to trump headlines is Victories. How will he feel if he ever gets a player who treats him the way he treated Trembley when he was his coach. I am sure it will not be the same way as from what I have seen it’s either Roy’s way or the highway every time. He has earned all his glory as a player but has failed to earn it as a coach because to feel he should skip all the other levels and jump in he still feels entitled and really is an accident waiting to happen. GO HABS GO!

  2. Mmm, Moosehead, not quite the kick as DKRFSB but I still like it; better than most of current owner’s products.

    I too am worried about having rookie/hothead Roy as coach but I do see one advantage. Reports are that big Grigorenko has enjoyed and prospered playing for Roy. Maybe he’ll tank interviews with other teams to play for us.

  3. I don’t blame Roy for walking away from the team with a beer salesman posing as GM and the worst piece o shite coach since I don’t know who. He wasn’t going to put up with that crap. Good for him. He’s a winner. They didn’t have to trade him for nothing. They could have let him sit at home and sulk…… That however, does not qualify him to become the next inexperienced, rookie coach of the habs. That, is what people should be looking at………. Why don’t we let him learn somewhere else, like Toronto, and after he has gained some valuable big league experience, maybe then………………….Oh but I forgot, he is French.

  4. The thing that is weird is he either is being hired to be the GM (which may not be bad) or Coach/GM which I can’t really see them doing because that would be a ton of pressure. If it is just for the coaching job, then what about the new GM? Kind of unfair to dump Roy on his lap – unless…god forbid…Gauthier will be back next season.

    I would prefer McGuire as GM. Even Scotty endorses him.

    Patrick should have been told to calm down, take a few days off, and come back. We have never been the same since he left.

  5. DK, you know all too well know my opinion on Roy. His number should not be up there with all the former greats, dammit he walked out on the team mid-season, I’ll say no more!!

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