Patience, Bob Gainey? You Want Patience?

Although I think Bob Gainey is an intelligent, thoughtful man, I’m here to set him straight.

Gainey says Canadien fans should be a patient bunch. Doesn’t he realize who he’s talking to here?

You want patience? We haven’t won the cup since 1993. That’s about a hundred years ago.

We’re not Toronto Maple Leafs fans, Bob. They haven’t seen their team win the cup since 1967, and they don’t even seem to mind. They just keep buying tickets, for whatever reason. But we’re different. We want a cup every year. Every single year. We need it. It’s our right. And it’s been sixteen really shitty years.

And you want us to be patient?

The news seems grim. Gainey admits now that the pursuit of a big centreman is on hold, mainly because Tampa Bay seems to have no intention of letting go of Vincent Lecavalier, who pretty well happens to be the big centreman Gainey alludes to. And Bob says the pursuit of any big centreman could drag on for months.

But I also have news for Gainey, whom I admire and respect. The Habs need more than just a big centreman. Is Montreal ready to break the bank to get a big centreman and forget that they also need at least one dynamic defenceman, a second-line power forward, and maybe even a veteran goalie to come in and teach Carey Price how to become an NHL star?

Gainey wants to re-sign Alex Kovalev, Mike Komisarek, and probably Saku Koivu, Mathieu Schneider, and Alex Tanguay, and look to bring back others such as Chris Higgins, Tomas Plekanec, and Guillaume Latendresse.

This is all great news, this attempt at bringing back most of last year’s team. But you saw the way Pittsburgh and Detroit looked in the Stanley Cup finals, along with Washington, Boston and others in the playoff this year. All had much more to offer in their lineup than the Canadiens did. That’s why, even though a  big centreman like Lecavalier would be a beautiful thing, there’s also a few other holes that need to be filled.

Maybe Gainey’s right; we have to be patient. But doesn’t he realize who he’s talking to?

14 thoughts on “Patience, Bob Gainey? You Want Patience?”

  1. Well said.
    Although Lecavalier would look good as a Hab, I’m really worried about the ulterior motives for trying to get him. As you wrote Hab fans expect their team to not only win, but to win big and often. But if there’s a second thing Montrealer want, its to watch them being led by a big local French Canadian captain.
    Signing Lecavalier may be management’s way of placating the fans to sell season tickets and ensure selling out all 21+ thousand seats of the Bell Centre for another decade. We may be so busy cheering our home town hero, we might be distracted that its been a lifetime since we won the cup and two lifetimes since our rightful place as a dynasty.

  2. Ah yes. The conundrum of being a Habs fan. I have a lot of patience so I understand what Bob is saying. This ain’t the same NHL as … hell 2 years ago. (Since they love changing the rules as they go to better screw with goalies, defensemen, and increase their non-existent USA tv ratings). Habs fans complain when kids get “rushed” while complaining that the kids are being nurtured in the AHL too long. Habs fans have no patience. What Bob is saying is they just gotta understand the key top prospects will need to play to grow, and most of them would be useless to have toiling away in the AHL. And while those prospects grow in the NHL, they want to run them out of town for accidentally putting pucks in their own net. (Hey, Hammer does it all the time!)

    My fear with Vince is there’s too much of an obssession. It’ll be just like the other Vincent. Damphousse, remember him? He was good for one year, and they won the cup, but after that… Only difference is Damphousse didn’t have a scary mammoth of a contract. If my old pal Vince comes here, and he knows precisely how it is here, how long before they run him back out of town eh?

    Habs fans need patience. At least wait until PK Subban leapfrogs in, grabs the puck, and totally tilts the game in our favour when you really need him too 😉

  3. Dennis,

    Why would the habs want to bring back all of those players you mentioned? they would have the same team they had last year, and with all due respect to you and habs nation it didnt get them very far. Theres a real good crop of free agents out there and i think the habs could do some good by bringing in some new faces. Not a whole lot has changed on that team in the last few years with the exception of the odd move. I can see Gainey wanting to bring back a few of the players you mentioned like Tanguay, Koivu, Plekanec and Latendresse and maybe Schneider since the habs need some offense on D. But Kovalev has got to go, Hes super talented although hes starting to get old and is he really worth all the headaches that come with him? komisarek is dreaming if he thinks hes worth what hes asking, if all that was just rumors i’d look at bringing him back to for the right price. Higgins has been in the league since 03 and hasnt really reached his potential , i think the team could go either way on him. Bringing in Lecavalier and a veteran goalie to show Price the ropes are key though. Lecavalier is a gamer and hes a champion, hes the type of player you can build a team around.

  4. I don’t want anyone rushed, that’s for sure. Carey Price might have been rushed. But it’s making me wonder – Will Brian Burke, who’s in a bit of a rush, make a team out of Toronto while we’re waiting for laid back Bob to do things slowly? And the thing about Vinnie – you’re darn right his contract is mammoth. That’s the bad part. As for him being run out of town, I just think he’s too good a player for that to happen. Everyone knows we’re waiting for another Beliveau/Lafleur/Richard, and he’s the closest thing to that we’ve ever had a sniff at. That’s why there’s so much excitement at the possibility.

  5. You’re absolutely right, Jordy. We want some new faces. But we can’t have all new faces, so a lot of those players mentioned should come back. They had an off-year, a lot of them, but the previous year they were really good. I’m still waiting for Higgins to do something. And I don’t care, I’ll let the whole world hear – I’m a Kovalev fan. I want him back.

  6. I just heard we picked up Gomez for Higgens. I feel sick. Gomez did nothing in New York to warrant that huge contract and on top of that we lose Higgens who was maybe starting to find his role on the team. The only thing I can hope is that maybe this deal isn’t done yet. Maybe Bob has notions of flipping Gomez to Tampa for Vinnie or some thing like that.

  7. The trade straight up Gomez for Higgins i’m fine with. Throwing in Mcdonagh means there had better be more to this or i’m a blackhawks fan now.

  8. gomez will compliment kovalev nicely. Could be a real dangerous pairing with those two together. Not sure how anybody can be upset about this move besides the fact Gomez has a huge contract, you traded away a 40 point man and got a play making 70 point man in return.

  9. That’s right, Jordy. Many just thought Higgins was going to improve. But it doesn’t matter what gainey does, there’s a legion of arm-chair critics out there who dislike almost any move. Gomez sure was good for the five minutes I saw him in Powell River.

  10. Eight million is ridiculous, that’s for sure. And I suppose this kiboshes almost any other transaction. But Gomez has skill. Let’s hope he’s great in a Habs sweater.

  11. It is very telling that the Ranger fans are just as upset as many Mtl fans are. Comparisons have been made to Koivu and I suppose they are similar but Gomez is younger and stronger so maybe it would be better to say that he resembles the Koivu of 5 to 6 years ago. This does change the chemistry of the team and isn’t that what everyone was saying we needed to do?

  12. Dis John, I agree with you. The chemistry needed changing, and also, if he’s like Koivu of four or five years ago, then that’s a good thing. Thanks for that.

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