Partying at Butch’s

Circa 1954 Canadiens players and their ladies get together at Butch Bouchard’s Cabaret in Montreal to enjoy some pops and chuckles.

I love this photo. It took some digging to find the names of some of the wives, and I’m not sure who some of the couples are.

Otherwise, around the table are Doug and Ursula Harvey in foreground, Bouchard (in glasses with wife Marie-Claire), Elmer Lach, Gerry and Theresa McNeil, Bernie and Marlene Geoffrion (being served by the waiter), Ken and Lorraine Mosdell across from the Geoffrions, and Maurice and Lucille Richard up by the Harveys.

A happy bunch letting off steam.



3 thoughts on “Partying at Butch’s”

  1. Ken Mosdel had a gas station at the corner of Somerled and Kensington in NDG throughout the 60’s after he retired, not having the gold plated pensions or contracts that later players had. Most players had other jobs. I remember the Habs playing softball games during the summer at Trenholme park as well.

  2. Thanks Philip. Yes, most worked during the summer. It was a different time, that’s for sure. Thanks for the info about Ken Mosdell. I didn’t know he had a gas station.

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