Party With Messier And The Cup! And Don’t Forget To Invite Me!

I don’t mind doing something like this, posting an ad, as long as it’s relevant,  important, and you ask me nicely. And this contest is for Canadian amateur hockey, and you can’t get any more relevant and important than that.

This is a chance to host a Stanley Cup party with Mark Messier and the Stanley Cup, which begs the question – who’s older – Messier or the Cup? Anyway, just click on the link for the details. Sounds like fun. You could even invite me!

6 thoughts on “Party With Messier And The Cup! And Don’t Forget To Invite Me!”

  1. excellent response James, you must be talking about the same Mats Sundin whos had 5 points in his last 2 games and is now just about at a point per game.

    The only problem i would have with mark messier bringing the cup to my house is that he would probably cry while doing it. It seems every time that he has a camera on him these days hes a sniveling mess.

  2. Jordy- not too far off… I was thinking of the Mats Sundin who uncannily resembles Mark Messier in shape of face and baldness, and who’s heralded in Vancouver as being a savior, somewhat like Messier was some time ago. However, the Mats Sundin I’m referring too still has the power to prove me wrong, as your observation points out.

  3. Why my team should get that Stanley Cup – Well, let’s see, they were (wrongly) heralded as being strong contenders to win said Cup this year and now that it’s coming painfully obvious that they won’t be winning it this year, we’re all sad and depressed. Therefore as some type of consolation I think my team needs to at least get to see the Stanley Cup in person. Granted, by then it will probably have Michael Ryder, Milan Lucic and Tim Thomas’ names on it, but if you work really hard, you can at least rearrange some of the letters in Ryder’s first and last name to read “Carey” if you cross your eyes and stand on your head and spin around three times…… Oh you meant my team has to be an amateur team…. Does it count if my team sometimes plays like amateurs? It should count, darnit.

    Sorry… I couldn’t help it…….. That does actually sound neat.

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