Party In Chicago

Danno sends this photo of the the recent Cup rally in Chicago. It looks like Woodstock, but instead of trees, naked bodies, and Wavy Gravy in the background, there’s big buildings instead.

We’ll be able to have a rally someday like this in Montreal. Soon I hope. And where we’ll be living, in St. Hubert, there’s lots of room if organizers need to find a good spot.

The only problem I can see is, if you’re in the middle, how do you go to the bathroom?


2 thoughts on “Party In Chicago”

  1. Hey Dennis, Probably not the best place to shit your pants,need to be a little more private I think. I do hope we can see something as this in Montreal soon,I would fly there just for that,or if you live there maybe you would be able to get some tickets and we could watch the games there as well. That would be an enjoyable way to spend my first year of retirement for sure.

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