Part Three Of Cannonading Blasts Of Habs Blogs

You get the inside scoop when Montreal sports radio personality Abe Hefter of Hefter On The Habs writes, because he’s been a Montreal media heavyweight for years and knows what he’s talking about. He posts on a semi-regular basis because I’m sure he’s an extremely busy guy in a busy sports market, but he finds time to write a quality and informative blog.

Lions In Winter is one of the original Habs blogs, written by Topham and Tobalev, and is also one of the most respected sites out there. Lions gets into the meat of the team, examining it from top to bottom in a professional way, and I’m often amazed at the quality stuff they put out. One can learn a great deal about the Montreal Canadiens by reading Lions in Winter.

Moey at Moey Musings describes herself as Habs Lite but she doesn’t give herself nearly enough credit. Moey comes right out and says it when something’s on her mind, like the goaltending soap opera we endured over the past year or so that she grew to be so tired of, and she’s a delightful writer who also doesn’t mind straying from hockey and telling us about trips or home life. She’s always interesting, can be really funny, knows what she likes and is her own person. She’s not Habs Lite, she’s Moey, and she’s great.

Montreal Mystique could very possibly be the most creative site of all. The writer, going by the handle of Hommes De Sept-Iles, writes hockey fables, poetry, live game blogs, interviews different personalites such as Jean Beliveau, Dave Bidini, and Howie Meeker, and worked in the professional football media ranks before switching gears and doing his Habs thing. 

Arpon Basu, who has moved from his excellent Daily Hab-it to join Montreal sports media guys Brian Wilde, Eric Engels, and Ted Bird at Montreal CTV Habs, is on his way up the charts with a bullet, covering the Habs through various media outlets including and now CTV. Arpon is a gifted writer, energetic and hard-working, knows the current Habs inside out, and has emerged as a trusted and entertaining reporter. Arpon’s going to be a mover and shaker for years to come. 

Number 31 (Charlotte) at The Notwithstanding Clause is a force to reckoned with. She knows her Habs of the last few years as well as anyone and more than most, and delivers strong and interesting opinions. 31 delves deep when she writes about the Habs, picking apart weaknesses and strengths of the team, and she’s equally at home talking about players down on the farm in Hamilton and elsewhere. I’m a big fan of this great lady.

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