Just when I was about to do nothing, I get word from Danno that the Habs have signed big and tough George Parros, who happens to stand 6’5″ and weighs 228.

Okay other teams, try screwing around with our small guys now.

This is a signing I like. We’ve got ourselves a mean machine.

Just when I was feeling down, I’m up again. Kind of like the elevators in Toronto when elevator tech Mike Williamson was on strike.

If Parros does thing properly, in other words, the opposite of Georges Laraque, the Habs could be a force to be reckoned with come playoff time.

Hip hip hooray! Bring on the season!




16 thoughts on “Parros”

  1. Dennis, suddenly our small players just grew five inches taller. This move is long overdue and will help tremendously.

  2. Any legs to this rumor: Talbot, Coburn, and Simmonds for Desharnais, Moen, and Plekanec?

  3. Another big guy, I’m starting to like this. Did you hear about Iginla? And Boston’s all happy…don’t they have any dignity? It’s like accepting a relationship with some dude who turned you down 6 months ago for another lover.

  4. Good one Habs, Laracque lost his balls after scoring in E-town and thought he was a sniper,as for the trade mentioned above I can only say ” Hell yeah ! ”
    And what the hell is Boston doing ripping their team apart like that ?

  5. Marjo, I think the world of hockey business is ridiculous. The bottom line is, teams must be making amazing amounts of money. But even with so much money, I’ll bet they pay their office cleaners and other low-end jobs really ordinary amounts. And yes, the Iginla thing. He wasn’t impressive in Pittsburgh but I guess the Bruins weren’t watching.

  6. Joe, Laraque’s agent should have had a big talk with him and said “Georges, if you want to stay in the league and make a great living, you have to show some meanness.” But Georges wanted to be a nice enforcer, and there’s no such thing. These type of players have to show serious temper tantrums. Georges wanted to smile and talk about peace and love.

  7. Hope he can skate and carry or pass a puck minimum Prust’s abilities— THEN we may have a crackerjack! No ” I’m only a executioner” on my team!!!!!

  8. Peter, I think he’s able to play a bit but we’ll see. The main thing is, the heavy stuff won’t be on Ryan White and Moen anymore.

  9. What’s this I’m hearing? 41- yr. old Jagr still wants to play and three teams interested– one of which is the Montreal Canadiens??????????????????? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I like the signing of Parros–not only is he very tough, but he’s really, really smart, too (he went to Princeton)!

    Mike McKim–if the Flyers were stupid enough to make that trade, I too would make it in a heartbeat. Then again, that team has major cap issues, so unloading a lot of salary is important for it.

  11. Ian, I didn’t know he went to Princeton. I love that. He’s not just a musclehead. I’ve always looked with great respect at players who have serious education, and will be looking at Parros in a different light now too.

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