Papa Got A Brand New Team

I’m a Habs fan, born and raised in Orillia, Ont, which is Leafs country I suppose, considering it’s only an hour and a half north of Toronto. I’m a fan and my old man had a lot to do with it.

My dad, who served in the Canadian army overseas in WWll, was a hockey fan most of his life, although his enthusiasm waned as he aged, which I understand more and more. He followed the Leafs when he was young, and once wrote a letter in the 1930s to Ace Bailey, who lay in a hospital after Boston’s Eddie Shore clubbed him over the head, ending his career, and nearly killing him.

Bailey’s wife wrote back and thanked him.

Later though, my dad began to change his mind about his team. The Toronto Star and Telegram both plastered their papers with Leafs stories and my dad would complain. It was always “Leafs, Leafs, Leafs” he used to say. Broadcaster Foster Hewitt was the definitive homer, and this rubbed dad the wrong way. And pops was a quiet fellow and wasn’t crazy about the brash, loud, and arrogant Leafs owner Conn Smythe.

In the 1950s, with television entering households, it was usually only Leafs game shown, and when the Montreal Canadiens played in Toronto, my dad liked what he saw on his TV. There was the Rocket, Beliveau, Harvey, and Plante. Magical names. Stanley Cups began to be won by the Habs on a regular basis, and the Leafs just kept plodding along. The Canadiens had something the Leafs didn’t.

When I was a boy he started a big Montreal Canadiens scrapbook for me. He helped me write fan letters to the Rocket, and at one point, Rocket sent me a Christmas card. He took me to Maple Leaf Gardens a couple of times, and once, when we were really early and stood at the gate, the Canadiens players walked right by us.

He bought me a hockey book for Christmas which he mailed to Montreal asking for autographs, and it was mailed back signed by the entire 1957-58 Habs – Richard, Plante, coach Toe Blake, Beliveau, Geoffrion etc, with Doug Harvey’s as the only signature missing. Later when we went to a game at the Gardens, he brought the book with him, took it down to the Montreal dressing room corridor, saw Toe Blake standing there, and asked Blake if he would take the book into the dressing room and get Harvey to sign it.

Believe it not, Blake did just that.

Thanks dad.

8 thoughts on “Papa Got A Brand New Team”

  1. Gotta love dads. Sadly much of what you describe is impossible this day and age.
    Too much money at stake and players too far removed from the fans.

  2. Dennis,

    What a wonderful memory of your father and the efforts he made to connect you with the Canadiens during your childhood.

    While I haven’t commented recently, I have much enjoyed your postings over the past month or two. Even when our beloved team ‘stinks out the joint’ with its mediocre play, your columns uplift our spirits with tales from the glory days. Thank you for the time and energy that you put into your blog – please know how much it is appreciated by your loyal followers.

    Long live the Kane!


    Eric Buch

  3. For sure, Billy. Imagine getting a coach to take your book into the room for an autograph nowadays. Not a chance.

  4. Hey Dennis, Sounds like your dad made a good choice back years ago. He took the time start you on your hockey passions and you have continued on with them. Sounds like a good dad.

  5. Thanks Derry. Such great memories. My mom would help me write fan letters too. I hope to see both of them again some day.

  6. That, my friend, is a tremendous story and epitomizes what father should do! You’re very blessed!

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