Panthers Chew Habs

Canadiens scored three goals Sunday in Sunrise. Unfortunately, only one counted as the gang that can’t shoot straight falls 4-1 to the Florida Panthers.

Florida opened the scoring in the first when Mac Pacioretty’s hard shot missed the net and the home team burst down and converted.

It was one of those things on a night when the hockey gods decided they liked the Florida Panthers better than the Montreal Canadiens. Must be the sun hockey gods.

Gods with tans.

Bad things happen when good chances are ruined by missing the net. It often leads to a turnover. Guys are caught out of position. There’s no rebound. And of course there’s no goal.

I had a friend years ago who consistently asked why so many NHLers miss the net. Because they’re going for miniscule openings, is the answer.

But I’m tired of that reasoning. Just blast away and try to break the goalie’s mask or jock strap.

The Canadiens tied it for a brief second after Brian Gionta fed Rene Bourque, but it was deemed a high stick by Gionta and was called off. So two guys who haven’t been doing much almost did but ultimately didn’t.

The second period was truly a dismal one for the Canadiens, although Brandon Prust scored to tie the game at one for a brief time. But soon enough it became 3-1, and it was good when the period ended. It was when one might say to oneself – the Habs have played some lousy hockey lately.

In the third, Daniel Briere scored to make it 3-2 and we came alive. For a second or two. The goal was disallowed because the officials decided Alex Galchenyuk had pushed the goalie.

On the replay, we saw that Galchenyuk had been pushed into the goalie. It’s a big difference.

So it remained 3-1 until an empty-netter which made it 4-1.

Two of a possible four points in the state of Florida. It falls short of expectations.

Random Notes:

Officials get it wrong from time to time in all sports. Games are fast and decisions are made quickly. Some get obvious calls wrong. There was a call at second base in this year’s World Series that was mind-boggling, but at least it was overturned when the umps got together and talked about it.

The Canadiens might have grabbed a point or two if the correct calls were made. But honestly, if this would’ve happened to Florida and not Montreal, I wouldn’t even be talking about it. I just want them to play better, whether they’re getting the calls or not.

Shots on goal – Florida 25, Montreal -22. Peter Budaj was in nets and was fine I suppose, although he couldn’t corral a rebound which put Florida up 2-1 at the time.

One more game in December. Raleigh on New Year’s Eve to tackle the Hurricane.







12 thoughts on “Panthers Chew Habs”

  1. Hey Dennis, Pretty bad calls against our lads, it could have been the difference though I think instead of enjoying New Years these guys should go back to reffing school because they looked drunk making those calls.

  2. Losing against last place teams is getting realllly old. What’s more is I’m losing interest in watching them play. My passion is slipping and I’ve been flipping channels or turning the TV off. It’s boring hockey.

  3. It wasn’t THAT long ago we rose to our feet screaming and cheering a certain jet who went speeding up ice with reckless abandon and had a booming slapper shot. It may not always have ended in a goal but man was he fun to watch AND give us hope. And could he ever use his butt to flatten a certain Marchandt[Brad]. BUT he “needed to be reigned in to teach him team first philosofee” Yeah Coach Thornbush YOU SUCK AT DEVELOPING ANY YOUNGSTER.Other teams play their kids to give ’em confidence— Thornbush leaves on the bench so the vets–washed up as they may be– get 1 or 2 shots on a powerplay– mostly in creative fashion— at the bulls-eye on the goalies gut!!! Hate to make the guy have to move too much to stop a puck– we may be listed as creative instead of grinders. SOMEONE SUCKED THE PASSION AND PRIDE FROM MY TEAM[ sorry— from OUR team] Hope it rains. the next game so I can wash my car in the rain in the driveway with a toothbrush. PS you can put me in my place if I need it OR one could could tell me how to reach coach and/or Bergeron by letter. Disgusted near Owen Sound, ont !!!!!!!

  4. Peter, Thornbush not only puts his vets on the power play but also in the final minutes of the game when the team is trying to catch up. And these vets haven’t scored in about 25 games. I think the coaches have decided that the only way to stay competitive is to play boring and conservative hockey, and this is why Marjo and others are losing interest, and why you’re not a happy camper. I’m not exactly thilled either. I think you should write Thornbush and the GM and you can do it by sending it to 1909 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal, Montréal, QC H4B 5G0. Give ’em shit. The boys are high in the standings but we’re not happy. They could easily slip. And tell them to give us a captain who contributes and is taller than 4’2″.

  5. Marjo, please don’t give up on them yet. I feel a trade is coming. The team needs some fixing. They haven’t played well for all of December, starting with a home and home with New Jersey, even though they won both. The game we were at, against Buffalo on the 7th, was terrible, but they won that one too. When I look at the 13 games they played in Dec., not one was a decent one, even though they won 8 of them. It’s smoke and mirrors and this type of play will get them nowhere in the playoffs.

  6. I’m afraid I may have to, Dennis. I’m hooked on Downton Abbey. And I just have so much time I can dedicate to TV. Hockey was all I watched besides The Bachelor. And now THAT’s coming back soon.

  7. I’m with you Marjo. After the score became 3-1 I knew there were better things to do with my time yesterday afternoon. If they had been in the game I would have stayed but there was nothing to suggest they could come back. They had nothing going and as has been the case so often lately weren’t deserving of any points. I’m concerned that Gallagher is worn out and can not maintain the pace or style for a full season. My big question though is why doesn’t Therrien put Eller and the two Gallies back. They were guaranteed offense earlier in the year and we could use some now.

  8. DK, for quite some time now our team seems to spend far too much time in their own end. What happened to the two quick passes and away we go. Have all the teams figured out how to shut this down & our coaches are unable to adjust? It becomes even more apparent if you watch at double the normal real time speed. I’m beginning to watch more often on fast speed because they really are stating to piss me off!!

  9. Hi Mike. I started to worry awhile back when it was mentioned that teams would figure Brendan Gallagher out and he would become less effective, which seems to be happening. For me about this team, there’s too many guys I’d try to get rid of, including Gionta, Briere, and Bourque. They’re not hard to play against for other teams. Montreal’s supposed to be a quick team and like you, I’m not seeing much of now either.

  10. Luci asked the same question, Dishonest John – why aren’t the kids back together? The Canadiens right now are a terrible team to watch and I keep thinking it’s going to get better. I just don’t know how. So many underachievers. The Juniors are fun to watch though. That Canada-Slovakia game was typical of what they give us. And tomorrow it’s Canada and the US.

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