Palm Tree Update

Yes Virginia, palm trees grow in Canada. On the west coast.

The last time I showed this tree it was much smaller so I felt an update was required. Maybe you didn’t but I did.

This is our biggest of about ten we have in our yard. I’ve loved palm trees all my life and never thought I’d own one bigger than the kind you buy at the supermarket and keep in your living room. 

This tree is too young to have witnessed a Habs Stanley Cup. This year will fix that.

5 thoughts on “Palm Tree Update”

  1. Danno, maybe we’ll put the lights on the palm at the front. I think you could almost pretend it was Christmas in Hawaii.

  2. No Habs jersey on the tree? I thought you were a Habs fan Dennis. 😉

    No worries – this is the year the tree will see his first Cup win.

    (You have one heck of a backyard and I’m seething in jealousy).

  3. Darth, we have a great backyard. It’s big, square, and full of grass, with palm trees, bananna trees, and a monkey tree, plus a bunch of flowers. And a view of the ocean. But before anyone gets the wrong idea, it’s not some kind of palace we live in. It’s just a nice little 900 square foot older house that we’ve done a lot of work on – bathroom, hardwood floor and such. The kitchen is too small. But 8 years ago we only paid $85,000 for it. Real estate here isn’t as pricey as elsewhere on the coast because it takes two ferries to get to Vancouver. Gibsons, down below, is much more expensive but only takes one ferry.

  4. Dennis. it sounds like paradise. When can I move in?

    If I had to take two ferries to get into Vancouver I really don’t mind. I love that idea so much (I’m a sucker for ferries).

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