Pacioretty Pay Day

Max Pacioretty has signed a new two-year deal with the Habs worth $3.25 million, and this is great news. It also comes only weeks after Andrei Kostitsyn signed his deal for the same amount ($3.25) with the slight difference being that Kostitsyn makes his in one year while Max’ is spread over two.

We know that if Max hadn’t been assaulted by Zdeno Chara and was in the Montreal lineup during the playoffs, things might have been quite different. He gets those long legs pumping, he drives hard and shoots well, and he’s our version of a power forward. He would’ve gotten Chara off his game, provided some muscle against those boys from Boston, and got his points. Instead he recovered at home and read Twitter messages from others, like the one I read recently that said, “@MaxPacioretty  How’s your neck, bitch?”

I’m excited about seeing Max back. He’s going to play a big role.

6 thoughts on “Pacioretty Pay Day”

  1. excellent………… max over 82 games should be a 30+ goal scorer at last years scoring rate , + all the +’s at 1.5 + mil ……….. ,
    GOMEZ 7 goals at 8 or 10 mil whatever…………………. but maybe scotty will surprise us next year and bust out an get 8………… i know it’s old shit but something needs to be done. it’s a new beginning.

  2. I’m really looking forward to seeing Max play next season.

    I got a Boston fan to admit Montreal was the best team they faced in the playoffs.

    With Patches the Habs are going to be just awesome.

  3. Poor Max, so not only did Chara knock him out for the year, but the stats he would have put up would have gotten him at least another $1M.

  4. Yay for Max and DD. I can’t wait to see these guys play again.

    Very sick comment to leave for Max on Twitter. I bet that guy was one of the morons bullying the kid in the bathroom at TD Gardens. Very sad.

  5. Marjo, that’s funny. I was thinking the exact same thing and almost wrote it – that it was probably one of the guys in the washroom.

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